V3.2.3 Presets are being modified by themselves, can't restore them

As of updating to 3.2.3 This morning, my usual preset appears to have changed, and at the end of the name there is a “(Modified)” suffix. It appears to now have the last settings I was using while trying different options, even though I never saved them or over-wrote the preset. I don’t see any option to restore the preset to it’s unmodified state. Not sure if I’m just missing something but since it never did this until this morning, seems like it might be a new bug.
Windows 10, AMD 1920X, 3090x2
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Are the preset(s) value changed or it’s just the extra wording “(modified)” you are concerned about?
the later is easy to fix.

The settings themselves are all completely different. As best I can tell it is now set to whatever the last settings were active when I closed the program yesterday or the day before, but I’m not sure.

Are you aware that TVAI uses different settings/presets directories for Release, Alpha, and Beta? That might explain a few things. Also note you can simply copy your presest from one type of release to another (after closing TVAI first, of course).

I do not think I have used any alpha or beta releases at all, just the main release, with updates coming from the internal updater. But thank you for the info.

Yeah, my bad, just realized you’re not a beta tester.

Your issue is strange, indeed. Are the preset actually changed? (Could be TVAI triggers on a file indexer or something).

Yes, again, the preset itself has changed. The name is the same, with the “Modified” suffix added. But all the settings for the Enhancement pane have changed to whatever I was using the previous session. When I click another preset and then come back to the modified one, it is still the modified version.

Hi! This is not a known issue and I was unable to recreate this issue on my end. Can you please share some screenshots of what you are seeing?

LOL. I just noticed the same here! Preset name has ‘(Modfied)’ appended to it! :smiley: The preset values themselves haven’t changed, though.

Could you post a screenshot? Also, are these preset you created or the presets that came with the app?

UPDATE!!! @meimeiriver @adam.singer-5103

This is a new feature to show if the preset applied is different from the current settings

You can choose the apply preset option from the edit menu to apply their unmodified preset :slight_smile:

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Thx for figuring it out. :slight_smile:

I would have actually preferred a button that does the opposite: update the named preset with the current settings. I can edit the preset manually, of course, but maybe an extra button that updates the preset could be added too?

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That is a good idea :slight_smile:

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I have had a similar issue but perhaps I’m just missing the point but don’t like the Microsoft New Feature response…the preset is rendered useless because when I try to use it now, it is always “modified” in a way that its not what I set, and I can’t fix it by editing. What’s the issue here is that every time I try to apply it, it is “Modified” and I need to Enable the Enhancement, set the AI Model and Parameters. This kind of makes it pointless to use the Preset. I will have to create another but I have not found a way to edit existing Presets…Please tell me I missed something and this “Feature” works this way and that it is not something we just have to accept.

I’ve been having the same issue since the last upgrade where the modified preset are not the same settings I have saved. In the past, I could reselect the preset and get my saved settings back. Now, only the modified preset will populate.

When I closed & reopend the program and start from a scratch, I click “Edit” and then select “Apply Preset” and nothing happens. I also tried Ctrl + Shift + A and nothing happens. The only way I can select the preset is from the Presets drop down, which only gives the modified option. I can’t seem to find a way to find or apply my unmodified preset.

@frank.arcila @sk8townusa Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Our development team is looking into this.

Could you provide me with reproduction steps for this? Or a screen recording from your end? Oftentimes it is easiest to share a screen recording for issues like this to quickly show me exactly what is happening. I use Loom for screen recordings since this is a free and easy to use app.

Could you share a screen recording of what you are seeing?

I use Loom for screen recordings.

sorry for not supplying a screen recording earlier, there’s not much to show. But all I can say is at the end of this video, the settings don’t match my saved preset.

Thank you, Adam :slight_smile: What settings are supposed to be set?