V3.2.3 Presets are being modified by themselves, can't restore them

Screenshot 2023-04-16 200202
I’m pretty sure it’s this, with frame interpolation on, 2x slomo, Chronos.

BTW, I did try the Edit > Apply Preset you suggested as a fix, this doesn’t seem to have any effect on anything. Nothing changes in the interface at all when I select this.

Is it at all possible to capture the preset being made with the settings shown and then it being altered by the app? I appreciate all you have shared so far, I just have not been able to replicate this behavior on my end.

I’m sorry but I tried to recreate it and I couldn’t either. One problem is that I don’t know what triggered the original issue. Here’s what happened the best I can remember, maybe this helps:
-Was using previous version (probably 3.2.2), presets worked as expected. I loaded my typical preset, but for the particular sequence, I decided to use some different settings, so I changed some. I’m pretty sure the ones in the video above are what I ended up exporting. I did NOT save over my preset with the new settings.
-After exporting, I closed the program as usual.
-The next day, when I launched the software, the prompt was there to update to 3.2.3, so I did.
-Once I relaunched, and loaded a sequence, and chose my preset as usual, it was these other new settings, the ones I had likely used for my last export, but not saved.
-Not only is the one preset altered, but now when I select my other preexisting ones, they have the altered settings as well. This has basically erased my custom presets.
-My best guess is that this is something that happened to my custom presets in the update, which is why I can’t recreate it now.
Hope that helps, thanks

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Thank you :slight_smile: We are working to recreate this issue and are working to clean up the preset process in general.

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