Unknown error whilie trying to sharpen video

‘Unknown error’ while trying to process video
i7 10700k, RTX 3070 ti, 32gb ram, exporting to nas, Windows 10, VEAI 3.1.9
Only happened since the upgrade to 3.1.9

While trying to enhance video, it fails and I get ‘Unknown error’

Input: 4k lossless HEVC in matroska container
Settings: Artemis HQ, grain(amount: 2 size: 1)
export: 16 bit png
2023-03-16-21-00-14-Main.tzlog (34.4 KB)


Yes but did it through the app many versions ago. Like right around when 3.0.0 came out. But not since

Standing out in the logs to me is this line:

2023-03-16 21-01-20.628 Thread: 11708 Info OUT: 2 2023-03-16 21-01-20,627 Thread: 2744 Critical Cannot open zip file at: “Z:\upscales\veaimodels\/ahq-v12-fgnet-fp16-576x672-1x-rt806-8500.tz”

This seems to likely be the issue and is sort of reflected in the UI because it never gets to downloading model/loading model like it previously had

That path looks incorrect to me based on the mixed use of slashes, particularly the forward slash. Or maybe the decryption key for the model is wrong inside of the app itself? —> I dont know how to do strikethrough in this but the decryption key is not the issue.

To anyone that hits this same issue, i found a workaround:

File > Preferences > Directories

Then change the model directory/folder to something else. After I did that, the models correctly re-downloaded and loaded and processing worked again.