Topaz Video AI v4.1.2

Hello everyone,

A new release of Topaz Video AI is now available.

Released February 13th, 2024

Changelog from 4.1.1

  • Properly closes ongoing preview/export and makes sure background processes are killed.
  • Added toggle button for displaying remaining time/elapsed time for ongoing preview/export processes.
  • Added sharpen value to metadata on Nyx Fast exports.
  • Renamed HD presets to FHD (1080p)
  • Added three new QT codecs: QuickTime v210, r210, and QTRLE (Animation).
  • AV1 codec now allowed in .webm container.
  • Enabled a preference option in 'Advanced' for disabling the conversion from DPX->16bit TIFF..
  • Fixed some inaccurate labeling in UI (SAR-> PAR and Tooltip updates).
  • Fixed a bug where the remaining time of ongoing processes could show negative values.
  • Fixed bug with time remaining text for finished processes showing 0s.
  • Auto-parameter estimation moved to GPU for non-AVX2 CPUs.

Known Issues

  • Batch processing selection can overwrite FPS output.
  • EXR/DPX Exports may lose input frame number.
  • Inconsistent “Preview X frames” enable status.
  • Rotation w/ previews will intermittently be over-rotated.
  • Looping previews has a stutter.
  • Live preview can have frame de-sync.

The FPS in Video AI is incorrect.

This bug was not fixed, even though you guys state it would be fixed in that release…
We can not use interlace mode for a batch process on more then one video


I sometimes see this too! Let’s call it the 1000 FPS bug!

Either FFprobe is not reading the frame rate correctly or Video AI is doing something funky with the number.

Needs to be fixed.

I agree completely now. It took a bit to get there though.

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still messes up faces on hq film transfers. Ive tried everything.


Developers, thank you as always for your work and constant updates to the various programs…

…BUT to see the list of “Known Issues” steadily growing with each release and consistently not getting fixed… it creates some sadness for me!



Nyx v2 still oversharpening?

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yes, no change on that module.

They said something about Nyx 2 being for high resolution videos. I guess that means 4k. I tried it on some FHD videos and it oversharpened them too.
Anyway, I think they’re going to leave it alone and only make new versions of Nyx. So maybe we’ll get an Nyx 3 in a few months.

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Pleased that the problem I reported with preview files not being deleted has been addressed. However whilst this has been fixed if you ‘Close Input’ or ‘Close All Inputs’ if you just close the progamme using the top right X, and confirm you really want to quit, the preview files still remain!

Has anyone had trouble installing this? I try to install and nothing happens.

This version is slower than the previous one. Why is that?
And now I can’t authorize it after reinstalling, it just times out every time!
So that was a lot of money well spent! Considering how much you charge for just 1 year of updates I expected a customer service equivalent of the amount paid.


I’ve noticed most of the bugs people have I don’t experience, is this due being on Windows 10 vs Windows 11?

Lot of mix feedback about both of them, some say Windows 11 is faster but buggy whereas 10 is slower but less bugs when it comes to software etc.

Also is it possible for developers to post a list or link to all the model links to manual download as the Model Manager is broken for me and it would save me so much time than to get the model link from the logs. Thanks :pray:



IKR? Very frustrating.

Something must be borked deep in the code that keeps them from getting this knocked out.

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This is deeply disturbing on many levels…

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I really like Topaz Video AI, but I’m going to wait a long time before renewing my license, I’m going to wait for these models that look like faces in the hair, deformed teeth and eyes with doubled irises to be corrected.


The old “cutting off the last few frames of output” bug still rears its ugly head for me sometimes.

This time it’s with a combo of Iris 2 with Apollo 8 for frame interpolation. Really, REALLY annoying when those frames are important.

*seems to be happening when interpolation is enabled regardless of what model is used for enhancement.

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