Topaz Video AI v4.0.1

Using more of this, I found some pretty bad artifacting in Apollo V8. 4K video, here is the original:

And then here is the Apollo V8 from 23 to 50fps:

I see this behavior with Apollo for any kind of explosions, light flashes, blinks, and sometimes even cars with headlights on going past scene.


When an app is performing processes that can take many hours to complete, it really needs to remember that it’s registered even if its internet connection fails.


Will this milestone release finally include the functionality to pause and resume the process?


The Iris Model under Enhancement AI distorts some lines in 4.0.0, not sure about 4.0.1.

But… You can compare 2 models now in the preview!!! I’m just kidding, you are 100% right.

The problem is not new! :frowning:


ForSerious, a question for you. I tried a manual script with Nyx1 with recover details and sharpen, but I have seen that if I create a preset like this:

"settings": {
    "enhance": {
        "active": true,
        "addNoise": 0,
        "auto": 1,
        "compress": 0,
        "deblur": 100,
        "dehalo": 0,
        "denoise": 0,
        "detail": 100,
        "fieldOrder": 0,
        "isSecondEnhancement": false,
        "model": "nyx-1",
        "recoverOriginalDetailValue": 100,
        "sharpen": 100,
        "videoType": 1

When I open this preset in Topaz i see Reduce large grain at 100 and no sign of Sharpening in export command. For this reason, are you sure that using recover detail and sharpen in export command are the same commands and not reduce large grain?

I tried sharpen at 100 and probably does something because I can see that contours the contours are sharpened, but I found another fact, actually reduce large grain is the same as recover details.

See this:
reduce large grain

This is reduce large grain at 0

This is reduce large grain at 100

does the second one seem smoother to you?

I am lazy I use Artemis low quality for every video and set the upscale to 2X and recover details 93 percentage If for each type of video a template or best practices would be published I would be happy

For me the difference between recover details and revert compression is not clear

it is also not clear why the default is 20 not to speak if i do a second pass…
I use for old video’s from videocams iris 2 medium and make sure that deblurring is at 90 percent and just a bit of noise reduction and no sharpening

With Nyx2 and Nyx1 as second pass all artefacts returned back. which also has all of the sliders.


Today is my 1st anniversary of getting Topaz AI.

I’ve got all the updates till now.

I’ve followed the progression of updates and still think there are things to be worked out in the “new” (4.01) software updates in order for it to be stabilized and address the issues people have pointed out.

I’m debating whether to signup for new round right now (yearly amount) or to wait a bit.

Currently 4.01 meets my needs and was wondering if during the next month or so, Topaz AI will be on sale/discounted like it was when I first purchased it.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but would appreciate any feedback from Topaz/others about what they would do & especially any upcoming discounts in next few months (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc…)




I’m not sure how the presets map things.
Reduce Large grain should be ‘detail’.
The command for sharpen in the CLI is ‘blur’. ‘preblur’ is Anti-Alias/deblur.
There is no slider for sharpen anymore, they might have removed the mapping from presets too.

For your screen shots. I think the second one is not smoother.

Recover details works as an reversed opacity for the model.
0% recover means the generated picture is 100% processed.
100% recover means that generated picture is almost 100% original.


Dealing with notable and annoying bugs seems to be the norm with every new release and update. As some bugs are resolved, more new bugs crop up in a never-ending cycle, the overall number of problems increasing rather than decreasing. Bugs that had been previously squashed show up again regularly. Some things that people have been asking to be fixed are still pending after many months. Then, on top of that, there are unpleasant UI updates like in version 4, that catch us off guard. It’s hard to say what customers can do in these circumstances other than 1) keep paying every year and hope for better, 2) stick with an older version that seems to work or 3) give up entirely. If renewing, I would definitely wait for a sale and not pay full price.


Tonight we get version 5 .0

Ahahah ForSerious, in fact I was Ironic.

Sorry, my brain is not translating that English to real English. Maybe you mean you were being sarcastic?
In that case, the sharpening is intentional because the Reduce Large Grain slider only does that on Nyx2. Nyx1 it still does what it did before which is Recover Detail (Basically another form of sharpening.)

Yes sarcastic is the same as Ironic. Anyway yes I tried with Nyx 2 with reduce large grain at -100, but it’s the same, all oversharpened.

Why are you using 3.5.4 there is a much newer version maybe tonight version 5.0 will be released with nyx version 3.0

Please, hold on and wait for6.


This is surely not the model I thought of at the beginning but to treat my super8 films (1960s/1970), I opted for NYX V2. Reason is this “Reduce Large Grain” parameter that I appreciate. Relative to auto at +20, it allows me to spread the very large grains and keep the very small grain which keeps me the texture of the argentic (even if I sometimes find that it is still too strong, I would add From grain to assembly at the end + some color settings).

A compression fix to +15 to finish erases the capture in H264.

For the moment while keeping the original resolution 1440x1080: I keep NYX V2. I would see later whether I will have to make a upscal or not to UHD.