Topaz Video AI v4.0.1

Hello everyone,

A new release of Topaz Video AI is now available.

Released October 24th, 2023


Changelog from

  • Restored ability to enter custom slow-motion values (like 2.5x).
  • Better UI/UX for Direct Comparison view – in-progress previews are now dimmed to show their processing status.
  • Fixed timeline zoom precision related issues.
  • Fixed UX in tutorial slideshow.
  • Fixed blank GPU options in preferences.

Known Issues

  • Inconsistent “Preview X frames” range selection (example: selecting 10 frame preview may generate 9 frames)
  • Preview frames syncing may be off by roughly 1/2 a frame.
  • Rotation w/ previews will not be rotated.
  • Reprocessing overlapping preview areas.
  • Some users may see a slight “stutter” during playback of rendered previews. This is file-dependent and does not affect output videos.
  • Cropped videos will show the full input dimensions during Preview, but the applied Crop setting will be applied to Exports.
  • Currently not all the models are supported on Intel ARC (model support will be added week to week).
  • Videos with mismatched metadata and streams will display incorrect duration.
  • Using Telecine mode can cause a mismatch in playback over time. This will be addressed in a future release.
  • B&W toggle is causing a color shift in image sequence output.

Let me know when live previews, automatic selection of preview on the timeline, and auto looping functions, are back… and when changes are made to only one of the two comparison widows, it would only re-render that one and not both . With those updates, version 4 would be somewhat acceptable.



Not going to bother using this until previews works.


The first thing I notice is that known issues list is longer than fixes and changes. That can’t be good.


I have only one question, to which I do not expect an answer, and although it’s counterproductive, out of frustration, I ask… WHY?


I found with 4.0.1, I am unable to step through video. clicking the step icons and using left and right keys does not appear to work.


Whose wise idea was it to sacrifice the live preview system in favour of this new GUI?
This is a catastrophic trade-off.


Sorry, but I have to repeat this question: WHY?

The UI of v3.54 was just perfect. 4.0 was again an early beta version. You did the same mistake when you switched from 2.64 to 3.0. It was full of bugs.

It would at least be useful for me, if you could get back the live preview while rendering. This is a very important feature. Why did you remove it?


Did this update remove the bogus AVX2 requirement?

Can't Install v4.0.0 - #8 by Akila?


The cursed frame dupe bug still exists…

  • 30fps footage, has duped frames with interpolated frames at 120 instead of 90 when used in conjunction with the stabiliser, and deblur mode ⇒ NOT FIXED.

  • 30fps footage, has duped frames with interpolated frames at 120 instead of 90 ⇒ NOT FIXED.

  • 25fps footage, has duped frames with interpolated frames at 120 instead of 75 when used in conjunction with the stabiliser, and deblur mode ⇒ NOT FIXED.

  • 25fps footage, has duped frames with interpolated frames at 120 instead of 75 ⇒ NOT FIXED.

This is the second general release, and it still is known as the only frame interpolation program that actually adds duplicate frames during the interpolation process, please provide a fix for this wretched bug as this is otherwise an excellent program that I still fully support.


I suggest to Topaz to get rid of this AVX2 requirement nonsense as well. There are ways to support both. Let people use Topaz as they did before, and support it for new hardware.

It’s running pretty well here on a Mac, but their new chips need far less heat dissipation. Another program that is very demanding for the GPU is DaVinci Resolve Studio. If that one is overheating your laptop, TVAI definitely will.
In general, PC laptops still struggle with power and heat (Apple Intel laptops were even worse). For the desktop, a PC will deliver far better price/performance than Apple.

Works here. But I don’t get sync between original and preview.

The problem with the 1 frame back and forth seems to be intermittent. I am on Windows 10 64bit and seems to happens when I have two or more inputs with multiple preview. Same with the out of sync between original and preview.

they did not.

I asked @suraj in a private message;

It should be fixed soon, expect a thread in beta group later this week.


For some reason a moderator has taken over in stead of head engineering announcing a new version will we now be censored

Sync loss is intermittent on the Mac too.

Entering custom slow-motion values (like 2.5x) still does not work at all.

I was already in contact about this with the support team some time ago. The outcome was, that it might be possible, that there is a depency between the windows language settings of and the behaviour of the GUI.
In fact I am working on a german language based windows 10 and I cannot enter custom slow-motion values at all. The Gui will not accept manual values. So maybe (just maybe) that fact that in germany the standard separator is “comma” instead of “dot” could have something to do with it. But for now this is just a theory.
In 3.x the GUI accepts (sometimes) at least the separator comma, but then the renderer produced an error, because it expects a dot.
In 4.0.1 the GUI does not accept any separator. So I cannot enter manual values at all.

For me this is a very important funktion, because I need to slow down super 8 films, which have been filmed with 18 FPS and digitized with 25 FPS to a natural looking speed. So I need custom slomo.

I think it would be a good solution, if the GUI would accept both kind of separators (comma and dot) and the backend than should automatically translate it to a dot for the renderer. Ah… and it should work independent on the windows language settings, (if there is actually a dependency).


why do dutch people never use a dutch keyboard and germans do in fact I got a bargain 4080 amazon laptop from the warehouse all is perfect but I do have a physical german keyboard but use the USA keyboard driver. So Even with a German keyboard I manage if all germans would standarize on qwerty life would be easy for you and umlauts work fine, I know dutch windows exist too but this is only for those that have missed the boat at school. I have seen software failing on the word administratoren as it looked for administrators. Especially linux ported software to windows…