Topaz Video AI v4.0.0

Hello everyone,

We are very proud to release Topaz Video AI 4!

TVAI 4 overhauls how you typically interact with Topaz Video AI. Instead of the typical input, output view that you are used to, now, you will have two views that models can be applied to. With these views you can build and compare different combinations of models to find out which model configuration works best for your original input. You can see more information on how to use this below and in the roadmap!

Released October 17th, 2023


Changelog from 3.5.4:

  • Comparison views: apply different filters to Views 1 & 2 to compare them. Freely switch between reviewing input clips and previews to find the best settings possible for your video.
  • Preview history: previews are tracked based on filter settings and shown grouped together on the video timeline.
  • Zoomable timeline: take advantage of timeline zoom controls to hone in on smaller areas of a large video.
  • In & Out Trim: replaced the “trim” edit mode with an In & Out option comparable to other video editing applications.
  • Refreshed UI and filter icons: tighter more informational display.
  • Nyx v2: improve results and 2x scaling mode.
  • Significant performance improvements for the in-app video player.
  • Crop controls moved to video input panel.

Known Issues:

  • Some users may see a slight “stutter” during playback of rendered previews. This is file-dependent and does not affect output videos.
  • Cropped videos will show the full input dimensions during Preview, but the applied Crop setting will be applied to Exports.
  • Currently not all the models are supported on Intel ARC (model support will be added week to week).
  • Videos with mismatched metadata and streams will display incorrect duration.
  • Using Telecine mode can cause a mismatch in playback over time. This will be addressed in a future release.
  • B&W toggle is causing a color shift in image sequence output.


Check out our Roadmap update for October below:


You should be able to update via the app, or download directly from the link in the thread!

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Looks great! After tinkering for a bit, I can tell it will take some getting used to because it’s not “instantly” intuitive, but that’s okay, I may be just too excited for this release :slight_smile: Comparing previews side-by-side and especially overlayed is super nice!

One quick idea would be to implement a keyboard shortcut to toggle between views. I prefer single-view and if I use that mode, I have to click the icon all the way in the top right corner to toggle views.

Unfortunately, I do have one thing to be concerned about, and pose this question:

Are live preview options gone? If so, I will unfortunately not be able to use Topaz 4 until live previews are available, as they are crucial for whenever there’s a crash, they allow me to “save” my progress in a way.

Let me know if I may just be experiencing a bug. Thanks and nice work!


According to Topaz the live preview will return later again!


I ask the Question again:

How I can play the 2Sec-Preview as a LOOP like it works before? :thinking:


Can a 4.X user benchmarks thread be opened up?


Opened, but I’ll have to add my results to the post when I’m back at our office :slight_smile:


When i import maybe 3 video files it would be nice when they would be imported in a sorted order.

At the moment it does this:
File 1
File 3
File 2

When i choose export with “select all” the calculated order would be File 1-3-2.

Better would be when the imported files would be in this order:
File 1
File 2
File 3

Waiting for Live-Preview to come back…

In the latest version of TVAI 4.0.0, MPEG2 576i file processing errors have still not been fixed… I am attaching the logs.

I purchased the license for your program in September. It allows me to download updates for a year. Is one year enough for you to repair/restore this functionality of your product?

2023-10-18-08-52-26-Main.tzlog (59.4 KB)


Why, the hell, does “Processing Next” process both 1 and 2, although filter setting are changed only for one preview. That is a waste of resources / processing time.


When I developed software for the ATARI ST computer back in the 1980’s and 1990’s I was aware to handle it like you suggest just to save time and computing power. Nowadays the usual tip is only to get a faster machine. :eyes:


I just tested it and it’s still very slow, (0.6fps for stabilization on an M2 MAX 64GB) and a lot of errors when exporting… I regret my purchase a little, I hope it will improve


The last version I am working with, without any issues is 3.4.4. Since then, there has been something not working, crashing, or not as convenient to use. Disappointing.


STILL waiting for a model that properly handles compression artifacts, one that takes into account the previous and future frames to temporally improve the low quality frames.

So far none of the models, even the newest Nyx, can fix those things.

Don’t say it’s not possible, it is. I see models on github that can do it, though they require lots of GPU RAM. Still since it IS possible, Topaz should have figured out a model that can do it with less GPU usage by now, I would think.


I have a problem - it won’t install as my CPU is too old, but this has never previously been an issue as I do all the processing on my RTX graphics card and it runs perfectly well. Is it possible to have an installer that recognises that and will install it, or am I limited to v3? (Which would be a shame as my upgrade support made it to v4…)

P.S. Interestingly my year of updates runs out on the 24th (which of course won’t matter if I can’t install v4), so presumably I just get 4.0.x updates after that (if there are any) and then that’s it… I see a range of issues will be fixed in the future, presumably mostly as 4.x.x so not available to me, and I only get v4 if I can use it in pretty much the state it’s currently in, or am I missing something?

I don’t plan to get another year right now as I came in at the start of v3 and even the current one a year in still has some annoying issues, although can give excellent results and on balance I’m happy I bought it. (BTW will you do a 3.5.5 fixing the width x height thing for people who’s updates ran out on 3.5 or will they need to buy another year and go to v4?)

Also do others think 3.5.4 is the best v3 version or prefer an earlier one, should v4.0 have too many issues to be sensible for me to use?

My last working version is 3.3.5 :frowning:
Version 4: dual GPU not working /error, preview shows not new resolution


“My last working version is 3.3.5 :frowning:

Do you mean 3.5.3 ? I checked and there is a 3.3.5, although I don’t know what might have got broken immediately after it?

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I am kind of a bit baffled on this.

The image sequence in the timeline is incredibly squashed. Someone want to clue me in on how I change that now? Its virtually impossible to scrub through anything currently. Note that tiny box on the left is 64000 frames.

Also, the preview is strange. I tried three times and nothing was happening in the right window. It was showing processing, a bar was moving and nothing was happening in the preview frame - it was just a copy of the left.

It took me longer that I would like to work out that the issue is that the preview won’t actually show the preview frames on the left whilst processing - only when its finished processing the preview in its entirely. Which is more than a little irritating.


Oh and after experimenting with some preview, not the bar is gigantically off the scale of the window only showing the section I previewed even when deleting the preview and selecting just the original.

I can see a slider bar underneath now that I can drag left and right to change the preview like its zoomed in so I thought maybe I can grab its edges and zoom out like in Premiere, but theres no grab handles showing so I am lost.

Yes, noticed that, too.
And together with the already bad current speed of the Iris models on M1/M2 an additional cutting speed in half really IS annoying.

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