Topaz Video AI v3.5.4

Hello everyone,

A new release of Topaz Video AI is now available.

Released October 12th, 2023


Changelog from 3.5.3:

  • Fixes issue making it impossible to set custom resolution based on height or scale when locking aspect ratio.
  • Fixes issue with custom resolution presets based on height not being applied.

Known Issues:

  • Currently not all the models are supported on Intel ARC (model support will be added week to week).
  • Videos with mismatched metadata and streams will display incorrect duration
  • Frame number preview length may shorten on app restart
  • Using Telecine mode can cause a mismatch in playback over time. This will be addressed in a future release.
  • B&W toggle is causing a color shift in image sequence output.

how come a new version is published on a Thursday evening? :slight_smile:


We had a fix ready and discussed as a team and felt this one was important enough to fix now for certain users instead of waiting for the usual Tuesday release.

We will be releasing again on Tuesday at usual!


ahh okay :wink: I played a little with 3.5.3, I didn’t have any problem for my part, just a quick question, have you improved the iris mq model? I have the impression that it produces fewer artifacts than before this update.

This is just a minor bug fix for V3.53.
V4 will be released next week.
If they don’t publish it now, every user will need to upgrade to V4 to get the bug fix.


Okay :wink: I didn’t really understand the changes in v4, the nyx model will allow you to upscale to x2, is that right?? but will the iris model be improved?

Iris is on the edge of glory. But I noticed that it struggles with things with mesh, like mics and clothes, even though my video did not show the mesh on the mic originally due to the lack of pixel information, and temporally Iris made the mic become a messy moving metal ball lol . I really considered making some post-processing to get rid of the artifacts, but that would be very time-consuming, so I kindly ask the developers to take a look at this specific problem, because the rest looks really great to me. Another thing that I noticed is that Proteus generally produces smoother backgrounds with nice texture, while Iris tends to show some compression and color banding on the background.


to make you use it on Friday the 13th.


It struggles with grass too on my VHS home videos putting a wierd mesh over it.

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still can’t enter a custom frame rate, this broke in 3.5.3


Hello, I upgraded from 3.5.0 to 3.5.4 this morning.
I work always on the same kind of postproduction improvement:

  • AVI footage 720x576
    1. upscale 2x
    1. stabilization
    1. detinterlace
    1. Proteus

My system: RTX 4070 + Intel 9 13. generation

In version 3.5.0 I reach in average 21-25 frames per second for that.
In version 3.5.4 it tooks down to 7 frames per second! It starts with around 30 frames and went down step by step to 7 frames per second.

So I went back to version 3.5.0.

And custom slow motion factors…

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Hey guys, just curious on what you have been using for Frame Interpolation, Apollo, Apollo fast, Chronos, Chronos fast?

All video output is failing with an ‘Out of Memory’ error. I have a Mac Studio w 128gb of ram. When it fails, I still have 60-80 gigabytes of ram unused.

This version is unusable for me.

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Could you send us an email at with the full log files from the app?

To gather logs, please select Help > Logging and make sure that there is a check mark next to File Logging. Next, recreate the issue and then return to the Help menu and select > Get Logs for Support and attach the “logsForSupport” file to your reply.

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I usually go with Apollo as the other models tend to introduce things like blurry patches and have trouble with things like grids, checker patterns, lines etc. I find Apollo is better at handling these types of patterns.

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That is also what I use, just checking if anything new had changed. V8 seems to work quite well. (37.1 KB)
Nope Intel Arc A770 still an auto error for me latest drivers

I am using “Apollo fast” because i read that it works better than Chronos…and i also tested if it´s better than Chronos and it is…
Apollo looks better overall…

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Thank you for this fix - indeed, I had to replace the 0 with 1080 in height field every time I started the program (I use the Iris v1 1080p height upscale mostly). Now, I hope, resaving the preset will fix this. :slight_smile:

Is there going to be possibility to fix non-squared (for example squished 16:9 into 4:3 format) videos, too? And Gaia HQ and CG v6, pretty please! I really miss this model. :slight_smile:

There’s a small bug with preview and input seek position - the input position gets changed to the precisely the same position, as preview was at the moment of switching to input video view.