Topaz Video AI v3.4.0

Hello everyone,

A new release of Topaz Video AI is now available.

Released August 15th, 2023


Changelog from 3.3.10

  • Added Dynamic Compression Options (H264 and H265).
  • Added ability to create presets from anywhere.
  • Added new user experience tips (with preference to disable all).
  • Added “refresh login” button to update screen that will allow you to update your license by signing in again.
  • Added quality Improvement for first few frames while using enhancement models (except Gaia).
  • Added Iris to benchmark tool.
  • Added speed improvements for Iris on macOS Ventura (1x and 2x upscale).
  • Added capability to run Apollo on M1/M2 with HD or above input videos.
  • Added processing change: Minimum number of frames needed is now 4 instead of 5.
  • Fixes first few frames repeating in frame interpolation.
  • Fixes login to work with proxy settings.
  • Fixes processing on Intel CPU machines (12th, 13th gen). No longer slows down when app is minimized or out of focus.
  • Fixes image sequence issues when non ASCII characters are in the path.
  • Fixes ANE process using up all Memory on Mac.
  • Fixes for Tesla GPUs. Now show NVENC H264 and H265 encoders.
  • Fixes for log files. Can now be opened when app is open (Ctrl+G, Cmd+G).

Potential Fixes

  • Processing failures when exporting large number of frames.
  • Intel Arc/iGPU processing issues.

Please upload problem videos and logs here: Submit Files .


I dont see anything about fixing the preview issues? I mean without that the app is kinda useless? :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s nice that there are frequent updates and new things are added, so thank you from me!

But… as the previous speaker already mentioned, there are some things that are annoying and take away the joy of working with the programme.
The preview is a disaster:
It takes 1 second to switch tabs before the image appears.
The picture remains black for a second and you can’t make any comparisons, which are actually the most important thing to change settings.

The original is always 1 to 3 frames ahead, which makes comparison very difficult.

The fact that the zoom and the position change with every tab when you zoom in is just as annoying.
For a clip, the zoom should be the same for all tabs, at least there should be an option for it.
And markers or bookmarks would also be useful, and my next dream would be Load and save Project :slightly_smiling_face:

Evertheless, thanks for the good work.


Lots of times my preview is also zoomed in compared to the original. So I cant even make a comparison. I also have all the issues you mentioned.

The preview feature is like the most important part. Without a working preview, we are all just guessing. Meaning, we all just wasting our times using this app until its fixed.

Sorry for sounding so negative, I love the app. But its been several releases where its just simply not useable at all.

I haven’t actually tried v3.4.0 yet. So this is all just based on the release notes where I don’t see the mentioning of “previews” at all and the know issues are not listed in this post.

The roadmap update refers to the preview issue and some others being worked on.

Are you talking about this part?
" * Improved preview experience that allows easier comparison between settings"

If so, that sounds more like they wanna expand and improve the preview feature as a whole. Not actually fixing what’s broken with it right now, aka the bugs.

Maybe I’m a minority here thinking that the preview issues/bugs should be #1 on the priority list that should be hotfixed as soon as possible, hopefully even before next weeks release. These issue does not belong on a roadmap for future improvements.

This is just my opinion, you dont have to agree with it. :slight_smile:


I’ll just pipe in and say I don’t use the GUI much, so I don’t really care about the preview abilities. It works well for getting me on the right track to fine tuning settings. From there, I use the CLI to make critical previews. Then I compare them in another program.

I do hope they make the preview experience better. I also understand how annoyingly complex it is to try and account for every possibility in digital video formats. May it take them as long as they need to get it right.

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Yes, looks like they are re-writing it rather than working on a fix for the existing one. Up to v. 2.6.4, I used preview every time and it was extremely useful but since then, I’ve found it unusable so instead, I now export short sections of the loaded video into an open Windows folder and review it from there using VLC player. I just find the entire methodology of the existing preview function to be lacking, I’ve given up complaining about it, and I just don’t use it.

On my wish list is something similar to the 2.6.4 preview method so I hope that’s what they are working on.


Another so called “release” where the preview is broken? Really? Not only considering the purchase price of Video a. i. the ongoing preview issues are a real disaster and an absolute no-go. In this version I do not get a preview at all. Or the Preview button does not respond. Also the ETA for de-interlacing is still half of the real time needed. :pensive:

all I see from the preview is this: NOTHING. The preview and the preview slider stay like this right from the beginning of the processing. A preview has not been shown yet. If this was a car, the manufacturer would have recalled the product immediately!


Please screenshot your output settings panel (it’s cut off on your screenshot) and preferences - > export panel and post them.

It is not “cut off”. I made a complete window snapshot.
Here is the part you might be looking for. :eyes:

We’ve also attempted to fix processing errors with Intel Arc / iGPU and when exporting a large number of frames. Please let us know if you experience related issues.

Arc A770, i7-13700K - Sorry, I just ran my same 720p → 1080p Proteus render that’s failed every time since 3.1.9. Funny, it now just says “Error”, instead of Unknown Error like it used to, but I haven’t tried using VEAI since 3.3.0. It crashed twice in a row. I uploaded my logs.

Running Topajz VEAI v3.4.0 with the new intel Arc driver that was just dropped tonight.

Hello everyone, for me there is really a preview display problem for months and months. When the preview starts, there is always a small delay when I play video. its delay is between 5 sec 8 sec with the preview of the original video. On the beta version you added the second enhancement where is it in this release version? why not include it? is it possible to do the same thing for prores the dynamics as on h264 h265? apart from the preview everything works on my side :blush:

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And what about the export settings in preferences?

Also, your extreme scaling of the app may have broken the preview, try running it with display scaling off so everything fits, maybe preview will show up.

Are you kidding me? This is a professional placed and priced product and should be able to handle standard Windows scaling options as usual. I also get a preview now and then, but it gets stuck shortly after the beginning of the processing on almost any video. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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The input thumbnail is not “cut off”. It only went down a bit far because I pulled down the line above to get the preview larger and to get the export info line to the bottom of the Window where it should be. I think the thumbnail is miss arranged in original still. :neutral_face:

You can still try it without scaling to see if it makes any difference for the previews.

You are right. The problem is sitting behind the monitor. But not behind MY monitor. :blush:

Funny guy, hilarious. Don’t try my suggestion then.