Topaz Video AI v3.2.5

2023-05-09-19-30-25-Main.tzlog (99.9 KB)

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Hi, will anyone please tell me, or maybe give me a link, on how to post logs as I’m having issues with the last few versions of TVAI, in that video files won’t import.
Thanks in advance.

Version 3.2.5 also broke my Proteus “relative to auto” presets. Indeed, now they are just in auto mode. If I overwrite my json files that I have in backup of the custom presets, nothing happens. I will have to redo them all. That’s really not cool. :expressionless: :confused:

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Thank you for that Brian! :pray:

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Can the Dev add option Pause when export it ? If i want to bring my laptop to another place i dont know how to pause it and when I come in I can resume it for not take time for export it again.


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Okay, I found a solution. I redid a preset and look at the content of the file right after. I noticed that now it’s not “auto”: “r”, but “auto”: “1”, for the “relative to auto” mode. So by updating my presets from versions up to 3.2.4, I can review all my settings.

And after

Of course, I don’t forget to update the software version number.
Example here.


3.2.5 has only just been released when they have already put 3.2.6 on the server, which really shows that they don’t really take into account the comments of the problems on the forum. You replace the 5 by the 6 with the windows download link, you will see that the 3.2.6 is already available since yesterday. here is what explains so many bugs of TVEAI. Our comments that we leave them are ultimately useless.


I spent the whole day yesterday testing with 3-hour-long movies, and it seems that at some point, Topaz becomes overwhelmed and cannot continue processing. For professionals in the film industry, distribution, and streaming platforms, this is a problem. Perhaps a solution would be good. I’ve also read about the option of being able to pause the process to continue later and maybe save the processed data so that you can exit without losing all the work done for hours. Best regards.

Topaz Video AI  v3.2.5
System Information
OS: Windows v10.2009
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core Processor              127.91 GB
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090  23.77 GB
Processing Settings
device: 0 vram: 1 instances: 0
Input Resolution: 1920x1080
Benchmark Results
Artemis		1X: 	23.48 fps 	2X: 	13.39 fps 	4X: 	03.29 fps 	
Proteus		1X: 	22.69 fps 	2X: 	11.68 fps 	4X: 	03.12 fps 	
Gaia		1X: 	07.93 fps 	2X: 	05.43 fps 	4X: 	03.32 fps 	
4X Slowmo		Apollo: 	27.38 fps 	APFast: 	42.26 fps 	Chronos: 	17.88 fps 	CHFast: 	24.48 fps 	

It seems that there are like two processes in the progress bar that is advancing, once the first one finishes, with the second one it stops at a very low percentage and it doesn’t progress anymore. What could be the reason? The previous version did not have this issue, especially for exports in Apple ProRes Standard and LT.

Another thing I have noticed is that often exports come out much darker than the originals, so there is a loss of light information that negatively affects the final result. The darkening of the sequence only occurs with Apple ProRes, Apple ProRes LT, and HQ codecs. With H264, it maintains the same color and gamma. This is a problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible to take full advantage of uncompressed files.

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v3.2.6 was an internal build we used to verify updater functionality in the final v3.2.5 release build before we made this thread available. While we had to set this build as publicly downloadable in order to verify the actual user-facing flow, it was not intended to be downloaded by users before the actual v3.2.6 build replaces it next week. We do take comments in these threads into account, however the version you found was deliberately built with the same changes as v3.2.5.

We have removed the v3.2.6 build from our server to avoid any confusion. If anyone downloaded and installed it, I would strongly suggest you perform a clean install to avoid any issues with updates going forward.


Maybe can someone help me. Topaz 3.2.5 and all older Topaz 3 program versions dont start with Win 10 64 bit and my new GPU RX 7900 xtx. But Topaz 2.6.4 works without problems. What is happend?

No need to share logs :slight_smile:

Here are the resolution steps:

  1. Uninstall Topaz Video AI
  2. Delete the app’s .plist files - How To Delete Your Plist Files
  3. Reboot your Mac
  4. Reinstall
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Same video and filters? I will also need the logs from the last build where you are seeing better performance.

You can also just select Manual and the settings will be intact :slight_smile: This will be resolved shortly.

That is odd! Can you reach out to me via support directly? I will want to look at your dxdiag and your logs.

Thank you. But in the meantime, I manually changed a particular option in the .json files. And I got all my settings back without having to redo them. See my screenshots :slight_smile:

It’s curious, Artemis plus Apollo fact for an image enhancement and a conversion from 23.973 to 30 fps, I have speed fluctuations ranging from 0.11 to 0.24 spf.

Afterwards, it is perhaps normal. I don’t know. First time I test the frame rate conversion.

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3.2.5 still will not load ANY video files as with 3.2.4. This is that Mac issue, mine is a Macbook Air M1 ,right now Im paying for updates I cant use!
guess you wont fix this issue? Im out ! not paying for next years.

Deinterlacing in v3.2.5 loses audio sync.
The problem was reported in repeated previous versions
Dione Robust improved in image quality and lost audio sync.
Dione DV 2X fps and Dione TV 2x fps minimal audio errors.
The image quality does not improve with de-interlacing.
Attached files.

Topaz Video AI  v3.2.5
System Information
OS: Windows v11.2009
CPU: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-11900KB @ 3.30GHz  31.578 GB
GPU: NVIDIA RTX 4000 SFF Ada Generation  19.713 GB
GPU: Intel(R) UHD Graphics  0.125 GB
Processing Settings
device: 0 vram: 1 instances: 0
Input Resolution: 768x576
Benchmark Results
Artemis		1X: 	34.76 fps 	2X: 	22.73 fps 	4X: 	07.11 fps 	
Proteus		1X: 	31.31 fps 	2X: 	20.76 fps 	4X: 	06.94 fps 	
Gaia		1X: 	11.79 fps 	2X: 	08.15 fps 	4X: 	05.28 fps 	
4X Slowmo		Apollo: 	44.77 fps 	APFast: 	98.44 fps 	Chronos: 	28.70 fps 	CHFast: 	  ...    fps 	

2023-05-11-18-08-8-Main.tzlog (2.9 MB)
2023-05-11-12-51-26-Main.tzlog (2.4 MB)