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Hi - in TVAI 4.0 cropped output to 1920x1080 (h265, mkv, dynamic, variable, high) is rendered as 56.8x1080.

i had an issue, without any reminder, i put my video on topaz and doesn’t work, i reinstall the app, download a older version and retry to download the new version but the problem doesn’t solve, my enhance period go up for a 16 second video from 30 minutes to 2h, i try to change my gpu settings but it doesn’t change.

ill post this here though I don’t know if this is a bug…just concerning, to me.
I have a video that all I wanted to do was stabilize, all I had on was stabilization, all others were not on / selected , I did no upscaling or crop or edit, rotation etc… frame rate same, no preset.
when I go to export it, it show iris3_stab as file name? this is in the 4.1.2 so it seems like iris was turned on by the software itself?

thanks for the support,

On 4.1.2 and 4.2.0 versions, for no reason and at random, iris can suddenly change to proteus or vice versa.
There is no pattern to it. it is random.
I even changed my mouse, thinking perhaps the wheel may be responsible, but no.
You set everything up, press Export, and sometimes you notice it is outputting in proteus instead of iris.
4.1.1 and below did not have this issue.

Aion frame interpolation can’t interpolate to 120 fps. Error, every time I try.

Scratch that, “Error” also on 90 fps using Aion model. I never got these errors when using Apollo.

Actually, it works when I do not combine it with any enhancement. But, errors are common when I combine Aion interpolation with an AI enhancement model.

Can you make a post in the bugs and issues section and include the details and logs?