Topaz Video AI v3.2.2

VHS is interlaced source, i should use interlaced models or i obtain a worst lines of half fields.
i tried all three option that i think are dione models. in 3.2.1 work fine
now i keep 3.2.1 version and convert from interlaced to progressive, than later i will did more test.

Hm not for me. I have it for FHD->UHD (2x) as well. And not in Version 2.

Been using Topaz Video AI from very early on and this is my first post. My Main use is the cleanup and noise reduction of low quality and low resolution video of various formats with either lots of noise or compression with an emphasis for recovering as much original detail as possible at an individual pixel level.

One of the models I had the most impressive results was with Apollo 4 with just by doubling the frame rate without any other filters. It was able to bring out accurate details and had a noise and compression reducing quality that seems to have been lost with later Iterations.

Although many of the posts pointing out the lower quality in some of the faster models have not been helpful there does seem to be an observable and fairly significant loss of detail fidelity in the latest Apollo versions. Specifically in a closeup examination of interpolated frames the pixel values seem to be ghosting over each other causing details in motion that would normally be occluded by other details further towards the foreground to continue causing the two areas to overlay with a transparency or lower opacity causing a major loss of detail

I saw the ability to use older models was being planned for future updates and I really hope that comes soon. I get that most use cases are for upscaling and fine tuning high quality video but I hope that cleanup and detail recovery of low quality video doesn’t get left behind.

I really think Apollo 4 did something special and I think the engineers should give that model a second look as a low quality detail recovery tool

Guys I love your software, please don’t prioritize speed over quality of the result. I get there needs to be faster models for the people who need that but don’t leave behind accuracy and detail recovery. I’m a huge fan of your software. You guys are doing amazing work and can’t wait to see what comes next.


It has been occurring since ver 2.x.x and also in v3.2.2.
However, this is the first time I have heard of it occurring at 2x scale.
Please continue in the bug report thread.

It’s kind of tedious, but you can copy the command and change the model back to Apollo 4.
Change this line from
Then run it in the command line opened from TVAI.


We’re currently working on a feature for next week’s release that will allow you to import legacy models into the app even as we continue to make changes to Apollo and the other models. For now, you could install version 3.1.2 which is the last version that included Apollo v4:

Topaz Video AI v3.1.2


I like experimenting with reloading the previews/temp files in TVAI to do several passes, one at a time. With the automatic deletion of the previews, this has now become very cumbersome. I can no longer close TVAI and load the previews at a later time, I can’t delete the outputs from within TVAI without the previews being deleted. I will have to remember to copy the previews to another directory before closing TVAI or deleting the outputs so I can use them for this purpose at a later time. And then make new copies every time I make a new preview, it’s just really annoying.
So please add a choice in the preferences where automatic deletion of temp files can be turned on or off, it would be much appreciated!

1440x1080 faked 16:9 to 1920x1080 native 16:9?
I want to upscale it to native 16:9 but all i get is crop to fill and letterbox. How can I accomplish this?

Also I would like to be able to compare 2 preview stills. Switching between previews as it is now is cumbersome.

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My portrait videos are displaying as landscape since updating to v3.2.2.
They preview/export correctly but it’s impossible to compare.

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version 3.2.2 really does not work for me. Number one I need to hear the audio in my previews for testing purposes second the Max CPU processing. I need it to be at least four or higher to use my processing power.

I can’t understand you, because the software doesn’t edit the sound, I think it’s enough to compare the pictures

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Can it please not keep a lock on the output file after it’s finished writing it? It’s annoying to have to close the program every time I want to rename or move it…

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Please add DWAA compression type when exporting to EXR.

not only this. i open the application, go to “open log folder”, want to zip the log folder and it says “I can’t, its locked”. now I have to switch back to the application to force quit it to be able to zip the log folder. :eyes:

Late to the party, but HELLO AND WELCOME, JACOB! Had to shout to stand out, plus new blood is always a good thing!

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Few Issues exists while testing the lastest version:

  1. When Video AI finishes to process all files (or 1 file) and I press “Close All” / “Close File”, the software doesn’t really release the lock(s) for the file(s) in the operating system, so trying to delete the original loaded files will cause a “files already used by another software” alert message.

  2. The preview is still not playing in real time while a movie is being processed :frowning: this is where video ai 2.xx shined! please bring it back! i don’t want a 2s preview, i want real time side by side preview.

  3. Video Crashes my computer (using 3070 TI) - it wasn’t like that on the previous versions.

  1. I added this issue back in February: Release File Locks
    It needs upvotes.

Just letting you know, temporal flicker seems to be worse with this build. Not sure if it is an update to the model versions or what happened since I haven’t tried to find their build. But definitely if you use Themis and Apollo I now see significant background temporal flicker being introduced. This is very evident in anything that has cloud/fog/smoke/dust in a scene.