Release File Locks

When processing is done on an input file, I close that input manually which closes the associated output file. However, the output file is still locked so I can’t move it. I have to wait until all the other processes are finished to close TVAI, which releases all file locks. Would you release this lock on file close so I don’t have to wait?

Also, an Automatically Close Input on Completion option would be nice so I don’t have to manually close the input/output file.

While we’re at it, an Automatically Close TVAI on Completion option would be appreciated as well.

Please fix this, it’s really annoying!

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As Nr. 2 told Dr. Evil: “This, too, already has happened.”

(Using here)

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Not sure if this description is the same as my experience. After processing is complete, I manually close all input and output files, but the output file is still locked. As far as I can tell, no Video AI processing is in progress. I have not tried waiting (for how long?) to see whether the lock goes away by itself. I exit Video AI and the lock goes away then.

When a file is closed, the lock should be released. That should be a no-brainer.
My system is Windows 11.

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Yeah we need this. Very annoying.

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Still a problem in VideoAI v3.2.8 on Windows 11.