Topaz Video AI v3.1.8

Even with setting rdt to 0.2—the maximum value allowed and double the amount that can be set in the GUI—it does not replace duplicate frames with correct motion.

Just upgraded to v3.1.8, and now constantly getting “unknown error” message upon export. red ‘x’ in the box. can’t use the program at all for now.

Hi - can you please send me your log files from Help > Logging > Gather logs for support? Please send me the file here or via a private message. Thank you.

h265 Intel output is still broken. Files are only a few Megabytes in size and highly compressed no matter if I select “Auto” or a specific bitrate.

Intel Arc A770 GPU updated drivers ver 101.4146,
Topaz Video AI can list the GPU,but can’t work with the GPU. if I slect it,the program will processing on CPU.
On beforer version drivers,It proper functioning.
Would you like fix it on next version?

Hardware environment:
Acer Predator BiFrost Arc A770 OC
Intel 13700K
DDR5 16GB*2
Software environment:
Windows11 22H2(Update to the latest hotfix)

2023-03-09-18-39-25-Main.tzlog (210.5 KB)

See this post for a solution, next time don’t forget to search for your issue first …

h265 NVIDIA works ok (Proteus auto, 4k)

Still waiting to fix Apollo’s block and color cast.

Enabling Grain now forces Enhancement on. I could be remembering incorrectly but I don’t recall that being the case previously. Using TVAI on Windows 11.

Apollo+Artemis, it’s twice as slow to work! ((

Hi - was that only on the first run after updating the app? What GPU and CPU does your computer have?

Hi Todd - this is intentional. Enhancement needs to be on when Grain is enabled since v3.1.0.

Hi - if you could send me your log file from Help > Logging > Gather logs for support, that’d be very much appreciated. Thank you.


Ah… thanks! I have most likely added grain alongside an enhancement.

Do you have any recommendation on which model to use that will have the least impact, both on rendering time and changes to the input video? My best guess is Theia and leave all settings at 0.

This is a great update, because Apollo does NOT work in v3.1.7 due to FFMPEG error anyway… Unfortunately, it becomes quite slower than v3.1.6.
Source: 4K 59.94 fps Output: 4K 59.94fps x2
Process speed: 0.52 spf (v3.1.6) → 0.78 spf (v3.1.8)
AMD B550, Ryzen7 3700X, Mem 32GB, GeForce GTX3070 (8GB)
It would be greatly appreciated if you could improve the process efficiency in next release.

The AV and malware defenses that are provided and updated FOR FREE are as good or better than any of the commercial add-on packages currently available for Windows.

Selling these to Windows 10/11 users is the use one of them is like selling refrigerators to eskimos.

I’m afraid you reply to the wrong person. the answer belong to bbla2022

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@yazi.saradest @nipun.nath @suraj

I’m noticing massive slowdowns with Chronos + any type of enhancement in this release.

1080p source, Proteus auto gets 0.44 spf, nice and fast. Chronos + Proteus and it goes to 4 spf! 10x slowdown!

Something looks broken, I will test with older versions to compare speeds to confirm.

FYI this on GTX 1070 GPU.

Also since @petrovichsergey10 reported 2x slowdowns with Apollo + Arntemis, it leads me to believe interpolation performance is broken in this release.

Will confirm with further testing but suggest this be looked into.