Topaz Video AI v3.1.8

Hi - if you could send me your log file from Help > Logging > Gather logs for support, that’d be very much appreciated. Thank you.


Ah… thanks! I have most likely added grain alongside an enhancement.

Do you have any recommendation on which model to use that will have the least impact, both on rendering time and changes to the input video? My best guess is Theia and leave all settings at 0.

This is a great update, because Apollo does NOT work in v3.1.7 due to FFMPEG error anyway… Unfortunately, it becomes quite slower than v3.1.6.
Source: 4K 59.94 fps Output: 4K 59.94fps x2
Process speed: 0.52 spf (v3.1.6) → 0.78 spf (v3.1.8)
AMD B550, Ryzen7 3700X, Mem 32GB, GeForce GTX3070 (8GB)
It would be greatly appreciated if you could improve the process efficiency in next release.

The AV and malware defenses that are provided and updated FOR FREE are as good or better than any of the commercial add-on packages currently available for Windows.

Selling these to Windows 10/11 users is the use one of them is like selling refrigerators to eskimos.

I’m afraid you reply to the wrong person. the answer belong to bbla2022

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@yazi.saradest @nipun.nath @suraj

I’m noticing massive slowdowns with Chronos + any type of enhancement in this release.

1080p source, Proteus auto gets 0.44 spf, nice and fast. Chronos + Proteus and it goes to 4 spf! 10x slowdown!

Something looks broken, I will test with older versions to compare speeds to confirm.

FYI this on GTX 1070 GPU.

Also since @petrovichsergey10 reported 2x slowdowns with Apollo + Arntemis, it leads me to believe interpolation performance is broken in this release.

Will confirm with further testing but suggest this be looked into.

It would be nice to be able to delete closed files without closing the program. Some times i want to use the settings on more clips.


1080p source, Chronos Fast without any enhancement model, 0.43 spf.

1080p source, Proteus auto, no Chronos, 0.44 spf.

Use both and performance drops to 4+ spf.

So looks likes the issue lies with chaining interpolation with enhancement in this release.

I have: Intel Core i7-12700KF, 4800MHz/ NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 (12Gb)/32Gb DDR4.
On version 3.1.7, the speed was 3fps, at 3.1.8 the speed was 2.2. The speed may not have halved, but it seems to have become a little slower. Although, I may be wrong because I convert different video options. Perhaps something is converting more slowly than the other. Main!!! Please do not degrade the processing quality of high-quality videos. Improve Apollo (120fps) and Artemis (4k). By the way, I recently mistakenly converted to 4K120fps using Chronos+Proteus. Then he did it as usual with Apollo+Artemis. When I compared it, I was horrified at how ugly, disgusting, and not qualitatively gives an image of Chronos+Proteus. Why do you have these holes behind the silence? Very amazing!

It is improving slowly, but my BIG concern is that my subscription is almost expired and I have been wanting to use this product for a purpose but instead I now have to beta test and give feed back on Video AI and then pay a large subscription price again, just to keep beta testing this product until it becomes useable enough to actually get something done. I think until this is useable to the point where someone can use it reliably. My subscription should reflect that this product is in beta. I have purchased this to use it not to beta test every week to hopefully see that it finally works without all the functionality quirks and sometimes glitchy models that make it not worth the time. I would like an answer Topaz Labs.


Release after release, I can’t see any progress in face recognition. Neural training seems to be abandoned.


I covered the openVINO runtime dlls,Run the program again,Intel GPU called,But a few seconds later,flash once blank screen,after that,unknow error.

log was uploaded
2023-03-09-18-39-25-Main.tzlog (210.5 KB)

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I have made the same points several times over the last few months, as have some others. There has been no direct response on these points from Topaz, and I do not expect a response now.

Meanwhile, I continue to use version 2.6.4 and not upgrade as, in my opinion, you should too while this product v 3.x remains effectively in beta.


My apologies.

This reply to you was mis-addressed.

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The latest update causes video to auto-play when it’s dragged/ dropped in, so when I try to preview it only previews what’s left of the video when I click preview. I have to stop the video and slide the player head to the beginning again before clicking preview. I turned off auto-play for previewing and that does fix it, but it’s also annoying to have to press play every time I preview. Before this update it wouldn’t start playing until I wanted to preview it and would autoplay when I wanted to preview. Can you put it back to the way it was before the latest update?

v3.1.8 is giving me “unknown error” message on export on ‘NVIDIA’.

v3.1.8 on my ‘AMD’ is working perfectly.


so i go to my settings and instead of using Proteus, i switch to Artemis. it began working fine upon export. switched back to Proteus, and magically everything works properly. :thinking:

i dunno what’s up with that.

so disregard any posts that i made about “unknown error” messages.