Topaz Video AI v3.1.7

Hello Everyone!

A new release of Topaz Video AI is now available.

Released February 28th, 2023

Downloads: Windows | Mac

Changes from v3.1.6

  • Updated Apollo model for better quality
  • Apollo is the default for slow-mo
  • Reduce Jittery Motion uses TensorRT model on NVIDIA GPU
  • ProRes output on windows takes lesser disk space
  • Fixes crash on export when preview is on
  • Fixes temp files not getting deleted in certain situations
  • Fixes Themis model on macOS Catalina
  • Adds TVAI logo to the title bar
  • Redistributable libraries have been updated
  • Misc bug fixes and improvements

Submit files here: Dropbox

Please take a look at the Video Roadmap Update for more context on what we’re focusing on right now. Thanks in advance for your feedback!


What if I select yes to

Old model files were detected. Do you wish to automatically remove these files?

What will this do? will it delete all the models or just the incompatible ones.

Sorry if someone else already answered this but I couldn’t find it.

I will never again choose YES to this question, the last time it has deleted all the models so everything had to be redownloaded . How on hell the upscale models that haven’t been updated for more than 1 year now are deleted ??


Another comparison of Nvidia Video Super Sampling (on my RTX 3080Ti). I run a 1080P screen and that’s the target for my upscales, removing blockiness and blur is usually my higher priority. Uh, very unscientific test. I’m literally using the snipping tool for capture which is another small layer of compression. But, best case, this is what you can expect for some content.

Original screencap from VLC/MPC of Big Buck Bunny 720p 5MB

MPC-BE + NVSS (‘4’ setting) + Lumasharpen (DX11 shader)

VLC’d Big Buck Bunny after Topaz Video Enhance 3.1, 720p → 1080p (H265, 5mbps) with Artemis Medium

If you remove the sharpening filter from NVSS it looks worse than Topaz AI (imo), but both are better than the original which is the whole point. The biggest positive is that the MPC-BE player with NVSS+sharpen is literally real time, and well, Topaz AI isn’t (and doesn’t support livestreams)


Can you write a short tutorial or something how do you activate it in MPC-BE, please? Thanks.

I use “shaders” in MPC-BE, is this custom made one or something? I’m not sure how to activate it in MPC-BE.

I think it’s automatically activated if you enable it in your Nvidia control panel.

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Use this Release MPC-VR RTX SuperRes 2023.02.28-a684e0a · emoose/VideoRenderer · GitHub


Oh., I see now. That is what I missing. Thank you.

I would never actually do it, but my system can often upscale from DVD to FHD with the Proteus model faster than playback speed. Technically, I could live stream it at that speed. (Though, last time I tried the NVENC output, it slowed things down a lot—And that’s the only encoder that makes sense for live streaming.)
Anyway, just a thought.

Yeah that’s the one. Anyone looking to download this needs to install the MPC-BE program from another download site (I forgot… lol), install it, then run the matching CMD script. For shaders, it’s in one of the dropdown menus regarding ‘Play/playback’, and that brings you to a confusing small window where you should select “DX11” from ‘DX9’ (click it), then click the weird small bar next to that to show the list of shaders (ie, colorspace/color range adjustors, various sharpening), then click on the Post-Process area, and click ‘Add’ and okay/save it.

If it all works (with the Nvidia control panel → Video settings → Video Super Resolution set to 2 or 4) you should see a decent increase in GPU power and usage when running. At least now people with RTX 3000, 4000 and 2000 (in a few months apparently) can get upscaling via video player if they don’t need stabalization or temporal upscaling, or like 4K super fancy tweaked stuff. :slight_smile:

Now the next question is… how do you rig this up to Youtube downloader and twitch streams if you want further processing on the NV super sampling

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Thanks. Not sure how you do streaming to upload it to streaming in real time, but when it comes to watching streaming, does MPC-BE offer online streaming using the player? I think it does, doesn’t it? Maybe that can work.

I think we should move all the “Nvidia RTX super resolution” posts to another topic. It is not related to the release of TVAI and this topic will be locked when next version come out.

Here is already a post about “Nvidia RTX super resolution” created 2 month ago.


I use Apollo to convert HD and 4K to 120fps. How is this (7) version different from the previous one, regarding conversion to 120fps?

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Error on AMD APU Ryzen 5 5600G with Apollo:
“Last FFmpeg messages:
Unable to parse option value “0” as video rate
Stream mapping:”

The previous version worked (didn’t with the Apollo).

I don’t use all models right now, but I want them to be saved from me. If I downloaded them, then all programs downloaded during the update are deleted and all are automatically updated. Do I need to download them again after each update?

Topaz should filter this sentence so it doesn’t show up in the GUI, it causes too many misunderstandings.

Please can we just go back to how previews used to work.

It worked really well when you could set a 4 up view and see them all playing next to each other.

The new system where it seem to render them and semi save them is unuseable.

Please can we just go back to when it actually functioned


Some of us (me included) have gone back to 2.6.4 for exactly this reason! You know it makes sense - but in the absence of an explanation from them, Topaz seem to have their priorities wrong. Tip: Get the basics right, THEN work on the bells and whistles.


I am frequently getting similar errors in every version since v3.1.4