Topaz Video AI v3.1.6

Hello Everyone!

A new release of Topaz Video AI is now available.

Released February 21st, 2023

Downloads: Windows | Mac

Changes from v3.1.5

  • Updated Themis for better quality
  • Fixed issue with Themis getting stuck in certain situations
  • Fixed issue with progress indicator on the scrub bar
  • Misc. bug fixes & improvements

Submit files here: Dropbox

Please take a look at the Video Roadmap Update for more context on what we’re focusing on right now. Thanks in advance for your feedback!


Themis green issue seems to be fixed! :+1:


When are you going to support the AMD AI cores on the 7000 series GPUs?


Just a curious question. I didn’t use Themis model. What would you guys say its best used for? Is there an area where is better than any other model in some unique way? Thanks.


It’s for motion deblur, so try it out with a test clip and see how it looks.


Oh, its the new model that had problem with artifacts. Oh, I get it now. Thanks. I have only seen it advertised and people said it feels unfinished so I didn’t pay attention to its usage. I get it now. Thanks.

Another question. Could motion deblur model be somehow used with slow motion models so that normally shot 24 or 25 fps footage with 180 degrees shutter rule, motion blur, could be unblured and than get better slow motion from that? And potentially add motion blur if needed later to the final result. Using some other program off course.


Can we expect updates on Proteus too?
I’m patiently waiting for this!


Still crashing my whole computer, updating to Ventura 13.2.1 didn’t resolve anything, low power mode didn’t, and is not overheating problem, i put the fans to the max, temps from the GPU barely touched 75 celsius, still crashed the whole damn thing… definitely is something with VAI

Mac Pro 2019, 16 cores, 96gb ram, W5700X 16vram. Ventura 13.2.1

What support said about your issue ?

3.1.5 (11.2 KB)
3.1.6 (3.3 KB)
Problem began in 3.1.5
Among a group of superficially identical videos, one particular video refuses to process. In 3.1.5, the error was “Video rate cannot be 0” or something similar. The problem remains even after transcoding the video via Handbrake.

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I tried to download and was instaling it when I’m told that the TopazVideoAI3.1.5.msi is missing from the TEMP file.
I have to report to you for a fix!!

What are you calling white washing ?

Are you using full range videos ?

This version still doesn’t load all models, just like the previous version (3.1.5), which also had the same problem. It also doesn’t show any more info on screen (or I think in the log files) when downloading.

Though I should be able to copy them manually like I started doing for v3.1.5 and copy the ones I’ve already downloaded manually into the models folder for this version.


@suraj @nipun.nath @gregory.maddra
My opinion on Themis, it’s frankly not the top level video quality, I did a test on one of my videos, for example I did Themis + Proteus Auto / Themis + Artemis HQ, frankly the rendering is really disgusting . It’s horrible. After that is my opinion. So I won’t be using it anymore. On the other hand, I ask the developers, when will we be entitled to an update of Artemis (like version 14 since it is still 13 currently)? When will we be entitled to Proteus 4, Gaia 6? And also as you know you have been asked for several times, we, a model manager? Will we be entitled to old models like Artemis 7, 8 and 9? Gaia 3, 4? Proteus 1 and 2? We expect a favorable response from you regarding these points, thank you to the TVEAI team.
We all wait for an answer concerning this manager of models who is important for all of us as was on 2.6.4, and you never answer that @yazi.saradest


I was pleased with how the new versions thm-v2 and apo-v6 work together.

Having issues with some MP4 content and it failing to process the MP4 file. Tried the same file on version 2 and it processes it.

Uploaded sample video and my logs to:

I was just running Artemis Low Quality without an upscale but tried other options and they also fail.

I agree, I am very much looking forward to the improvement of Chronos Fast and Apollo, currently their processing effect is not ideal, and there are still many problems. Compared to these interpolation and enhancement models, I don’t think Themis is more in demand.

That it was probably because I was in Ventura 13.2 and that I should update and also enable low power mode in case is overheating issue, didn’t fix the problem at all…

Hi - can you please send me the video through Dropbox? Please let me know if you’ve sent it. Thank you.

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Hi Brian - can you please send me a sample where Apollo is white washing the video for you through Dropbox? I’d need the original file (part of it is fine if it’s too big), a screenshot of the white washing, and a screenshot of the settings used in the right menu. Please let me know if you sent me something. Thank you.