Topaz Video AI v3.1.1

If that’s a riddle, it’s a good one. :+1:

According to Support, running out of memory seems to be caused by selecting too many filters at once. So, if I limit filter selection to two per run, VAI should be able to handle it with no issue.

In a future VAI version, rather than this situation, I’d like VAI to accept the job but tell me that it will take two, three, or four times longer because it will have to do several runs to accomplish what I’m asking of it.

That would save me from having to set up each run manually.

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Please optimize the Themis model , on cartoons and old animes works perfekt but on movies its very creepy


I’m amazed that some people in this forum actually like this extreme, creepy over-sharpening. Motion deblur was supposed to sharpen only blurred motion areas, not the whole picture, I thought.


When using Themis and Proteus at the same time,
Do not set the Proteus parameter to auto.
Proteus does not process Themis results.
In my experience, when using Themis and Proteus together, Proteus manually handles only the noise.

Perhaps, but even Themis without Proteus is overly exaggerated, in my opinion. It’s nothing like the ‘magic’ of motion deblur in Topaz Sharpen AI for photos, although Topaz claims Themis is even better. I suggest Themis needs an adjustment slider to temper it down for most videos.

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Themis deblur will also exaggerate any monster faces created by other models from small and low quality faces. It is of limited use, and no use at all to me as most of my videos are exactly that kind.

Just built my new PC.
Z790 A wifi - Intel I9-13900k - 128 gig DDR5 - rtx 3070 - 2tb m.2 Gen 4 ssd - Windows 11 debloated.
I just went from 30fps to 42 fps.
Quality looks way better.

notice that the Themis model, still hangs at the beginning of a video when you review it on an external video player.

As i already explained the problem is it with single image but not with sequence ! And my image is not broken - you will receive the same error with any single image !

Thank you for the help ForSerious - thats why was my post here to ask for help and to receive it !
Yes i tried it with 3 image sequence and it works but it doesnt work with single image ! And i believe it should work - if just some of the developers here make quick fix on it !

I can’t seem to get a preview? I’ve tried switching to “with preview”, but it makes no difference.

Preferences changed while same video is loaded will not take effect. You have to close and restart with changed preferences.

Nah, that’s what the Topaz Photo products are for. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: If it works with 3 images now, that’s much easier to work with than the 30 I had to make for VEAI.
The steps used to be:
Copy the image 30 times.
Open IrfanView.
Batch rename to number sequence.

Now it would probably take longer to open the three files in the batch rename than just renaming them by hand.


I have noticed that depending on where the playback marker is, the preview won’t start until the processing has reached that point.
Sometimes when I think the preview is not working, that’s all it is.

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Just tried first time to deinterlace image sequence source.

80 png files input (%06d)
Dione DV 2x
Saving to pngs 8 bit.

Result is 76 frames… (and not ending with what in input)
Should be 160…

like are they squashed looking half frames in png files?
In that case, it worked correctly. If you were to keep the frame rate, you would have gotten around 40 frames out. The 76 instead of 80 is probably form throwing away the total duplicates that would normally be there from interlacing. I’m no expert, so I might be totally wrong.

Two Problems:

@suraj @yazi.saradest

Chronic Problem!: Output file dates are the same as the original file date. Please,please fix!) This bug has been around forever

@suraj @yazi.saradest

Using H256 Main (and possibly others:) Switching from original 59.9 fps to 29.97 previews ok. using Apollo, but changing back to original speed results in rendering error. This resulting in the need to restart GUI to render again. This problem is repeatable…


Does anybody happen to know what Stabilization settings Topaz expects us to use for removal of gate weave from film? The description “parallax distortion or tilting motion” is a rather general phrase under “Reduce Jittery Motions”…is that good for gate weave as well…or do I turn that option off and just crank up the strength? I want to avoid those black bars sweeping over a third of my picture for no reason. The gate weave jitter is only about 5 pixels in any given direction, so it’s limited, but very unsettling. In fact–it would be better if I could specify a pixel number limitation for movement, where the AI can add whatever strength is necessary up to a hard-stop number of pixels, and then just let the motion happen after that to preserve intentional camera movement.
Anyway…ideas? Suggestions?

Another problem that can gum up the process is if TVAI doesn’t have enough work space. Be certain to check if you have enough. If not it may be time to look ad emptying your Recycle bin or doing a disk cleanup. - It can work wonders.

If you have a lot of old projects taking up disk space, you might consider moving them elsewhere while you’re not actively using them.

(Personally, I use a network NAS for this purpose. If you don’t already have one I strongly recommend QNAP.)