Topaz Put a square shadow over a face?

Windows 10 fully updated, system is optimized with all latest drivers as well.

No idea what it takes to reproduce this so steps 1-3 are void. I wasn’t aware that I was buying into Beta software. I find this more than a little irritating, especially since I have no issues with any other software, Davinci, PS, LR classic, LRCC…etc. Time is money.

I assume that this has something to do with face detection, since it’s a square shadow on the face, which isn’t there on the Raws.
You can see in the screenshot which filters were applied.

Windows 10 x64 Pro
Intel Core i9-11900H
64GB DDR4 (corsair)
Nvidia RTX3070
nothing else is relevant.

Turn off Adjust Lighting and see what happens. It has a buggy interaction with Face Recovery.

naw, I figured it out. even though I had autopilot disabled, it added both sharpen and face detection twice to every other photo. Very strange. It turned out to be a product of double face detection. Now I have a new glitch. Batch export within Topaz, not lightroom, says that it skipped all of the exports because no edits were made :-/ even after I applied a preset to all of the photos. UGH!!!

When applying the lighting enhancement and after using the slider to control the degree of enhancement, a dark rectangle is drawn over the face. This is present in the saved image as well as the preview.

Why is this marked resolved when it’s not? Was it a joke?

Exactly. This company needs a few comments left on the BBB website :disappointed: