Topaz Photo AI v2.4.0

Hello everyone!

A big release today to Topaz Photo AI. The new design allows more flexibility and control while processing images. Major features to support this change are:

  1. You can choose the order in which enhancements are applied.
  2. You can select different parts of the image for each enhancement to be applied.
  3. You can apply enhancements multiple times to your image. For example: You can sharpen the subject and background separately.
  4. The Remove tool can be used like other filters. You can remove content and then add more enhancements to your images after.
  5. The crop tool has been reworked to provide a smoother experience and a Straightening tool has been added as well.
  6. We’ve revamped how filters are processed to make Photo AI feel more responsive.

For more information, visit the March 2024 Roadmap for Topaz Photo AI.
Photo AI 2.4: New Workflow and Design

Here is a workflow tutorial on editing in this new workflow:
Photo AI 2.4 Quick Start

Other notable changes:

  • Fix for Face Detection freezing introduced from 2.3.1 and 2.3.2
  • Control menu can be dragged over the right panel
  • Pinch to zoom on Mac

Known issues:

  • Using Face Recovery before Remove places faces in the Removed areas.
  • Using Face Recovery, Adjust Lighting, then Upscale in that order causes bad output for faces.
  • After using Remove, show original displays the original image instead of version with Remove applied.
  • Using Face Recovery or selection tools will display the uncropped and unrotated image.
  • Lens Correction off is shifting some Raw files
  • Preferences > Subject Detection set to None is not processing sharpen. Go to Preferences > Subject Detection and set to Subject so that it is working on the image.


Topaz Photo AI v2.4.0
Released February 29th, 2024
Windows: Download
Mac: Download



  1. sharpen function doesn’t appear to work
  2. The location of everything in the image is shifted slightly in the same direction
  3. Crashes at times

Uninstalled it, re-booted PC and reinstalled it no difference.
Back to 2.3.2

WIn10 PRO 22H2
13700k - CPU
3070TI - GPU

Running via Lightroom Classic via plugin-extras
Nikon D500 NEF files


Feature request:
ability to turn on/off each adjustment
ability to change the total strength of each effect

Issues, both are Critical. Please provide an emergency fix:
Preview does not show any effect from (any) Sharpening and
Preview does not show scaled image when Upscaling is applied


Do you actually see sharpening in the output image?

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no, output image is not sharpened.
I am on latest Mac OS, M1 Max


Issue: when upscaling 2x, preview always goes to 50% after processing. In previous versions, the preview automatically went to 100% so you could see the upscaled result. Now I have to manually set it to 100% after upscaling.


Another issue:
Colors in the .NEF file from Nikon Z8 are completely off.


Would like to see the ability to enable and disable each enhancement without removing them… preferences to load user defined enhancements by default in either the enabled or disabled state, and to remember preview scale setting after enhancement. If I set it to 100%, after every upscale enhancement one must manually zoom in… this wasn’t a problem in previous versions or gigapixel.


Same here on a PC

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Thank you for adding pinch-to-zoom on preview, and for adding the ability to paste photos into the app! I don’t know if those are both new with this release but I don’t remember being able to do them before! There’s a lot of polish in this release and it really shows! Great work!!


Nice to see the new features but the interface is less usable with everything hidden behind clicks to dialog boxes when before they were simply there and accessible with a single click. I especially miss the rollover “subject” that gave a give glance of the subject selection in the navigator image.

Perhaps an option to switch to “Classic” interface with an option to open additional dialogs when necessary? Another option would be a “desktop” interface for PC users and the new “giant button” interface for tablets and phones?


FYI - this app is not available for tablets or phones

It would be nice if we could pinch-to-zoom on the trackpad for previewing in the crop tool. Thanks!

Please open Topaz Photo AI, go to the menu bar on the top and click the Help > Open Log Folder menu option. Attach the logs in a zip to my Dropbox so I can check what is happening.

I tested with a Nikon D500 NEF and did not get the image shift issue. Can you send me a file that this happens with? Could you also try going to Preferences > General and toggle Lens Correction on if it’s not? Let me know if that changes anything.

Please send me your system profile so I can check if everything is up to date.
Topaz Photo AI System Requirements

You can securely submit your file(s) to my Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.
Dropbox File Request

Please send me your log files and the Z8 file so I can check what is happening.
Dropbox File Request

Not changing the zoom after Upscaling is an intentional decision to prevent changing the preview too much during processing. I’m curious if other users feel the same way about this. During testing we found it jarring to switch back and forth between a previous edit (if we are modifying it) and the full stack of edits with Upscale.

Great suggestions. We have both the first two in the roadmap and are looking into the remembering preview scale. Could you elaborate on what remembering the preview scale means for you?


We are exploring designs that could show the affected area for each enhancement in the right panel. Regarding the usability, we tried a few designs but some of the features do not work with the “classic” interface that only allows a single instance of each enhancement. For simple edits that workflow was enough. This design is more versatile.

Was it easy to understand? Are there other barriers to using it aside from more clicks?

Are you talking about allowing zoom in the crop tool to view the crop area closer?

Good question. I should have worded that better. I’m talking about pinching-out on the trackpad inside the crop area to make the photo bigger within the crop area, centered on wherever the cursor is. This would be similar to cropping in the Apple Photos app on Mac. Pinch out to zoom in and use two fingers to re-center as needed. The benefit is that you can create crops quickly using the same ratio. Bonus points if we could straighten an image using two fingers on the trackpad, too!