Topaz Photo AI v2.1.1


This week we have a few tweaks and fixes around the new Remove Tool, like not discarding your previous strokes in some cases, and fixing some preview interactions. We’ve also added an in-app model downloader which should only run in cases where models are missing or corrupted. If you want to disable this, you can under Preferences > General, although missing or corrupted models will cause model run errors if the program attempts to use them.

There is also an update for fixing tile artifacts in some upscaling models (Standard / High Fidelity). This should be automatic for Windows, but on Apple Silicon Mac machines you will need to use the new “Use Neural Engine” toggle that shows underneath the upscale model selection to fix it. Since the issue is caused by Neural Engine, disabling it should fix the tile issues. However, doing so will make processing slower. If your images do not experience tiling artifacts you can safely leave Neural Engine turned on. Tile artifacts tend to mainly affect large areas of a single color or large areas with little varying detail.

Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 3.05.47 PM

Alongside this we have several more changes and fixes. As always, a full change log is below.

Please give us any feedback or report issues with this release. We’ll be updating TPAI regularly to address those pieces of feedback and issue reports. If there’s a specific image you’d like us to see, you can send it us at this dropbox link.

Released November 9th, 2023
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Changes since 2.1.0:

  • Added the ability to download corrupted or missing models in-app
    • This check is done once per app run at the start.
    • If any models are found to be missing/corrupted it will automatically download them.
    • You can turn this off under Preferences > General, but missing models will lead to errors eventually.
    • If the installer has worked correctly, you may never see this interaction.
  • New installs will now default to enabling DNG lossless compression on export
    • For those who have installed before this, you must select and save a DNG with compression on by selecting DNG under export settings. After that it should default to on for all DNG saves, even when using preserve.
  • Fixed tile artifacting issues when using Upscale with Standard or High Fidelity models
  • Discard buttons in Remove will no longer discard previous strokes
  • Mask brush will now revert to Add mode after applying Remove pass
  • Going out of bounds of the image no longer stops masking strokes
  • Right clicking navigator no longer pans the preview
  • Fixed preview being incorrect for a single frame when toggling filmstrip
  • Fixed Remove tool not respecting GPU selection in some cases
  • Fixed preview not being fully pannable via trackpad after upscale is selected
  • Fixed model error when only Crop + Remove tool were use
  • Fixed preview area moving sporadically when toggling Upscale
  • Fixed issues updating in-app when the installer already exists in temp directory
  • Fixed some settings not fitting correctly in Preferences

I am always excited to test new versions. I noticed that when the remove brush hits the edge of the image it suddenly stops painting unitl i mouse click again. :slight_smile:

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I’m not seeing any improvement in processing time.

My results from previous version here - Topaz Photo AI v2.1.0 - #37 by Kathy_9

With 2.1.1 using the same image and removing the same section I’m getting 4:28.59 on the first try and 3:05.44 on the second try.

I’ve put the logs in the Dropbox so you see if it’s now using GPU.


They specifically said this was fixed in this release, are you saying it’s still a problem?

I have a iMac 2019 4 TB SSD 80 GB Ram and 8 GB Vram using Big Sur 11.7.10. When I try to use the new remove tool the button enabling spins forever and the models never are download.
I booted off Sonoma and it seems to work with Sonoma but not Big Sur. In system requirements it should work with Big Sur which is what I use.

@adam.mains What is the issue with not being able to use the RTX3060 when The AI Processor is set to Auto. Using the AMD Radeon integrated GPU is simply not fast enough?

You are right, it is fixed now! :smile:


First try with 2.1.1, handled bokeh very well! Original image was a screenshot of one of my Instagram images.


Win 11 Pro desktop PC. PAI 2.1.1 Ps 2024 Plugin (via Filters Menu). Processor = AMD RX6800 XT (BTW, I just checked yesterday for an update, there is one but it doesn’t like my OS installation so won’t install - I have mult. reasons for not wanting to change my Win vers.).

Image tested - .ORF orig opened via ACR into Ps 2024. Altered with Gen Fill (via TK Gen Fill panel), Sky Replacement (it was blue skies with white fluffy clouds) and doing a quick Add Noise + Motion Blur to simulate rain. Shot at the Googleplex in Mtn View, CA.

  • Opened with no issues into PAI via the Ps > Filter menu.
  • Ran an Enhance 1x with minor adjustments (all manual) - since no upscale in the Filter menu (I usually test it b4 File > Automate). I have Prefs set to & start with High Fidelity typically.
  • Next used Remove to get rid of minor distractions (on the ground in front of the elevator door), cars in the parking lot on the lower level (not all, just the bright blues, reds, whites that drew attention) - working with the Remove masking did Not remove railings (a good thing!). Only the objects I wanted removed. On average the objects took 18-20 secs/obj. to remove. I didn’t do big batches at once. 3 very small objects at most - usually 1 less than 1/2" sized object per remove.
  • Brushing with Masking Brush after having removed objects did not bring back (temporarily or otherwise) ‘ghosts’ of previously removed objects. Yay!
  • Zooming in to see details more easily - then trying to mouse around the workspace (with Spacebar depressed) did Not bring back ‘ghosts’ of removed objects either. Yay squared!

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Another quickie: Photo just taken tonight!

Has anyone bothered to test this prior the release???

M1 Max, disabled neural engine - grid artifacts just as before for Upsaling
Enhanced contrast after TPAI for easier visualization of tiling grid artifacts.

Neural Engine Disabled:

Neural Engine Enabled:

Tiling artifacts seem to be reduced for Sharpening and Noise reduction.
They still ARE present, but much less prominent. This is on the right path, please solve this completely. Thank you.


New installs will now default to enabling DNG compression on export.
Is this Lossless???

Remove seems to be working well. Needs a little tidy up but overall its good. (It missed the kerb)


It did a nice job on that BW image. Gives the scene a different feel & personality!

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Amazing it replicated the bokeh effect behind where the bird had been!

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With the new version, after using AI v2.1.1 in PS, saving in to photoshop is not happening… Kindly check this out

I just posted an example of it working for me. My specs are in the post about 2-3 above yours.

What are your computer specs and which rel. of Photoshop are you working with?

BTW, welcome to the community!

Regarding PS version I’m using Adobe CC and the PS version is 25.1.

Computer is iMac Retina 5k… 3.8GHz QC Int Core i5/8GB 2400MHz DDR4. MacOS VentursVersion 13.6.1

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Thx! That will help the devs figure out if Mac issue.

I’m still on Ps 2024 rel.25.0 (didn’t update due to some issues I read about…).

I didn’t have any issues with previous Topaz Photo AI versions (fyi)