Topaz Photo AI v2.1.0


Today is a big release with the initial implementation of a new feature we are calling “Remove Tool”. This feature allows you to remove objects from photos by simply masking them out. To learn more, read the roadmap post:

Alongside this we have several more changes and fixes. As always, a full change log is below.

Please give us any feedback or report issues with this release. We’ll be updating TPAI regularly to address those pieces of feedback and issue reports. If there’s a specific image you’d like us to see, you can send it us at this dropbox link.

Released November 2nd, 2023
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Changes since 2.0.7:

  • Added Remove Tool filter
  • Fixed various instances of large pixel shifting in the preview
  • Fixed thumbnails not generating until the image is opened
  • Fully replaced Sharpen Standard v1 with Sharpen Standard v2
  • Fixed the CLI no longer working
  • Added ability to overwrite filter settings via the CLI
  • Fixed CLI not accepting output paths ending in \’
  • Added camera profile for DJI Air 3
  • Updated autopilot to provide better suggestions in certain cases
  • Fixed issue when opening multiple instances of the app via the LrC plugin
  • Software information is now additionally written to more metadata tags
  • Updated ExifTool from 12.60 to 12.69
  • Updated lensfun definitions

Installed, launched, worked okay - Win 11 Pro standalone & Ps 2024 plugin (via Filters menu & File > Automate). For now, CTRL/CMD + Z functioned like an Undo stroke for Remove masking. Like the no pulsing.

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Thank you for your hard work. :+1: :100: :tada:
The “Remove Tool” seems to be getting better than the previous betas.


  1. “Regenerate Button” within Remove Tool
    Due to the characteristics of AI-generated images, it often requires a few tries to get the best result. At the moment, the ‘Remove’ button is grayed out after processing. To regenerate the masked area, it requires clicking on ‘Restore mask’ first and then clicking on ‘Remove’ again. I recommend changing the ‘Remove’ button to ‘Regenerate’ after processing (if there are no new mask area). So we can regenerate the masked area with a single click.

  2. “Quick Export Button” within Remove Tool
    I also recommend adding a quick export button within the Remove Tool. This way, if we want to save different generated versions, we won’t have to exit the Remove Tool before being able to save an image. We can simply use the quick export button without losing the last mask area, and then continue using the Remove Tool again without having to redraw the mask.


Oh dear. Why did you do this despite all the feedback of so many users preferring V1?


Fixed in the release version!

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Some of the points you mention are addressed here: Generative Remove with Local Processing (November 2023)

Boat removal and I get …




Thanks for repairing the CLI, it works again in 2.1.0.

P.S. I’ve tried the new “Added ability to overwrite filter settings via the CLI” feature, but have had no luck so far. See: Problem with overwrite filter settings via the CLI


LOL, looks like penguins fishing on a raft. :fishing_pole_and_fish:

It might work if you select the remaining rubble with the removal tool in a second run.
If not, you can always create a “TPAI turns boat into fishing penguins on a raft” bug :wink:
(which is my personal fear, that future bug reports might go into that direction, draining resources from the other critical issues…)


The removal would likely be better if you’d select the mask with a bit bigger margin around the ship.

You may try to keep repeating “Restore Mask” and “Remove” a few times until you get the desired result.


when i used the new remove tool to remove the lapwing this is what happens


I think, as with foliage, you need to waste a lot of time to achieve a result using AI that is so slow.

There are other tools that are faster.

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On the Mac with sufficient GPU RAM this remove tool is in fact quite fast.

And overall seems to work very well here. Of course I had the one or other strange object inserted as well but there are ways around this.
And with an average of 4 sec per remove step it’s not really that bad if you have to do the remove several times for some object to get them right.

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The point is I get better results with other tool, non-AI I might add, and this in less than 2 seconds …

The timings I was referring to are using a RTX3060/6GB, Ryzen 9 with 32GB

At the moment I am on my other PC and this was run on a i7/16GB, GTX1050/4GB

Using AI for the sake of AI as using technology for technology’s sake is unnecessary. Convienence and speed are what I look for in processing my images.

With my 2070 Super (8GB VRAM) removal took a fair amount of time (minutes) to calculate, but used very little GPU power or memory. It did use enough that I could tell that the GPU was involved, but it was far from straining its resources. The end result looked pretty good actually.


Orange Collar and String on Gumdrop Button are what was removed

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Still no sign of the choice between 3 and 4 character extensions that was promised for Preferences->General some time back? (Unless I’m missing something?) Can it be added at some point please?

On the 8th of September Lingyu said (in the 2.0.0 release thread):
“We are adding a toggle in Preferences > General to allow switching between 4 letter and 3 letter file extension. However, 4 letter is recommended to avoid potential ambiguity. This will be released in 1-2 weeks.”

Yes, but this again is a very simple scenario where other tools without AI of course do work fine. a simple very well delined object on a quite uniform background.

This is not the primary target for this (and all other AI) remove Tools. Those are meant for complex situations in which the object to remove overlays a complex background (e.g. a building with doors, windows,…) where with the traditional tools you’d have much afterwork with the copy stamp - if you’ not have to solely work with the latter.


The Standard upscaling seems to have the same issue you got in GPAI 6.3.3 over 6.2.0, namely the habit of getting areas with pixillated noise-like effects… This is 4x and Standard:
Note the white line is the compare bar, it’s a screen grab.
Here’s Low Resolution for example: