Topaz Photo AI v2.0.5


This week we have a few quality of life improvements around the app. Stuff like file dialogs remembering where you last were, better contrast on some components, tooltips to show paths that may be too big to be shown fully, and we’ve added a quick export button for those of you who already have your settings locked in and just want to start saving as fast as possible. We’ve also fixed a handful of other issues around the app.

As always, a full change log is below.

Please give us any feedback or report issues with this release. We’ll be updating TPAI regularly to address those pieces of feedback and issue reports. If there’s a specific image you’d like us to see, you can send it us at this dropbox link.

Released October 12th, 2023
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Changes since 2.0.4:

  • Added a quick export button that automatically starts saving with previous settings
  • Added clarification that the improve TPAI export option only applies to the current batch
  • Open file dialog should now remember your previous location
  • Gave preference dialog navigator better contrast so it’s easier to know the selected tab
  • Hovering over the export path now shows the full path
  • Potential fix for issue causing Photoshop plugins to fail installing
  • Fixed CLI mode only working when Autopilot was enabled
  • Fixed math for maximum megapixel limit being wrong
  • Fixed export dialog showing incorrect image dimensions when upscaling and cropping
  • Fixed some shortcuts erroneously being active when on the welcome page
  • Fixed issue that caused right side of side by side view to pan to the incorrect location
  • Fixed exporting causing faces to reset to Autopilot selections
  • Updated lensfun definitions

Fresh install on Intel iMac, Ventura:
No issue to report thus far.

First launch on M1 MBP, Sonoma b3, after manually deleting older version (EDIT: I deleted the beta instead of the release by mistake, but release updated).

App GUI cannot be moved around the screen (still!).

Interface unresponsive.

So I guess I will need to delete plist, which everyday users should not have to do…

Manually deleted all Application Support and plist (Preferences) files. App is stuck authenticating…

Cannot authenticate, will reinstall from scratch.

Reinstall: Models are downloading, says 0 MB/sec but files are coming in.

The reinstall fixed all of the funky issues. Please consider providing Mac users with an uninstall script to make this seemingly necessary step quick and easy.

Closing image: PAI is not asking to save after first processing preview. Unless you take some time to change models, etc.

For some reason detected 2 faces, stuck processing.

@adam.mains @anthony.lawn

Win 11 Pro desktop PC. PAI 2.0.5 Ps 2023 Plugin. Processor = AMD RX6800 XT.

Image = 17.2 MB .jpg

  • Issues & Questions re: Ps File > Automate > PAI

Hi Adam, Anthony & Dev Team,

I regularly (but not every image) cannot open images into Ps’ File > Automate > PAI from my Ps layers stack. I just get a msg that PAI cannot initiate processing of the image:


  • Is there a max image size throttle for File > Automate? If yes, what is it? If that’s an issue can an alternative msg (to the one in my snip above) be generated to the effect of, “Your image must be downsized to be imported into PAI”?

  • Is it that an image cannot be sent to PAI from a Ps adjustment layer? If yes, can an alternative msg (to the one in my snip above) be generated that tells users to either “Create a Stamp Layer or a Flattened Layer to send to File > Automate”? (When I created a stamp layer to send I didn’t get the msg shown above). Suggesting so users know what may be preventing access to PAI File > Automate processing.

Status of Prior Months’ Feature Requests re: the Ps Plugin?

  • Will we soon see both start dimensions & Nx upsized/downsized dimensions for the images we’re scaling?

  • Also, are we close to getting auto-completion of processing (vs. having to “X” out the msg box that appears when saving back to a Ps layer from the File > Automate UI)? A TPAI-labelled layer is auto-generated but the processing is not completed automatically to that layer. Like how GAI File > Automate works.

Thx in advance!

Did it do that in Split View also?

Just checked, yes

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Thanks for adding this!

I’ve been installing / updating TPAI numerous times. I’d like to make sure there are no remnants of old models / large files lingering on my disk and consuming space unnecessarily.

Could you please point to specific paths that are being used by TPAI and its installer?

I am on Mac OS.


Hi, do you still experience tiling with this version?

I can´t install the latest actualization.


First update to have issues, using Automate in Mac (Studio 1 Ventura) returns a noise image on completion, log and reduced size Photoshop file uploaded

Continuing the discussion from Topaz Photo AI v2.0.4:

I wonder if the tiles are what DxO calls checkerboard pattern? DxO and Adobe have problems with the Apple Silicon Neural Engine. See these 2 items from DxO:


Same here, except mine is in English :slight_smile:

Yes I do:

same here windows 10

Omg, Henry. You’ve mentioned something other than Topaz (even though related) and someone hasn’t relocated your post w/out your permission. That’s great.


Same problem for me too. First the 61Mb of updates download within TPAI but then, when the installation should begin, I just get that same Windows Installer error message: “The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing, [etc.]”. I’m running Windows 10 Home, version 22H2, OS build 19045.3570, Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19052.1000.0


Mac M1 Ultra/64gb-2TB/Sonoma 14.0

Invoking Topaz AI as plugin from Lightroom Classic (LrC)…can’t locate the “Quick EXPORT” button or option anywhere ? Would be very handy to repeat the last image also imported from LrC.


I found issue on tpai.exe when i setup Resolution (dpi) in Autopilot tpai - reset it to default, desktop topaz version working ok!
Please can you fix tpai - that it will keep autopilot settings
And is it possible load for tpai autopilot settings liki in file? for example if in folder autopilot.json with JSON instructions it will be load this?
It still have errors:
Warning: failed to load, something strange about this perl…
Error | No Make found in metadata
Error | No Model found in metadata
[ WARN:0@2.930] global C:.conan\918058\1\source_subfolder\modules\core\src\matrix_expressions.cpp (1334) cv::MatOp_AddEx::assign OpenCV/MatExpr: processing of multi-channel arrays might be changed in the future: HERE IS LINK


We have a potential fix for the grid artifact here for the high fidelity model (upscaling filter). For whom interested please help try it out.


I have tried on MacStudio all model , no issues.