Topaz Photo AI v2.0.1

I think I have seen comments about the “” keys and brush size, the regular brush cannot be resized using these keys but the AI brush can be adjusted.

Thx for narrowing it down, Don. I rarely use the AI Brusn b/c it isn’t controllable & shoots tentacles out in all directions with no (or seemingly miniscule) edge awareness. The normal Brush is my default brush in PAI. And, I couldn’t use bracket keys as the shortcut to control its size anymore. Others concurred.

I’m wondering if nobody is having an issue with the Lightroom plugin?
For me, it doesn’t show up under Library - Plugin Extras.
Reason is that in Info.lua it should be “LrLibraryMenuItems” instead of “LrExportMenuItems”.

Hello @photo_jmr - you might be interested in this post (and in future replies by Topaz Labs to the picture):

I used it as an example reference and spent some time rendering it in various previous versions to show the problems, that I am also having with PAI greater than 1.3.2.
Looks like you’re gonna be famous :wink:

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Thanks for spending time in front of my ugly picture :smiley:

I’ve processed quite a lot of raw images and I find noise reduction is OK but I’m often disappointed in the sharpening. A lot of artefacts, strange choice of the AI engine for what model to use, and hardly any improvement on the sharpness. Hope this can be improved

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What kind of artifacts are you seeing specifically?

It should show up under File > Plug in Extras. If not, please close Lightroom fully and rerun the Photo AI installer. You can download a new installer from the downloads page directly.

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A fix for this will be released with v2.0.2


Of course, it’s there, sorry for the confusion.


there was a conversation on Panasonic RAW 2 files. I hoped that I can import these .RW2 files in Photo AI 2 - but it is not possible (have to convert it before). What do you think when will it be implemented ?

Good catch, I’ve made a note to our devs.

With Topaz Photo v2.0.1, I managed to get a very good result. I did several layers in Photoshop to adjust each part of the image for the denoise. Then I refined the face last and adjusted the colorimetry slightly.

As a result, the details in the curtains are always present, and there’s no noise. I also upscaled the image a little by 1.3.
I made fine adjustments to the jeans and curtains for the mask layers, and strong adjustments for the rest of the image.

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@Harald.De.Luca does it mean you run Topaz Photo AI multiple times?

Having to runTopaz on multiple layer shouldn’t be a target I think… is it a best practice, when older versions give a better single-process result? I don’t really want to spend 30min for each picture, with several layers… :frowning:


Yes indeed. I duplicated the image several times and applied different denoise filter settings. And then I made masks in Photoshop. (PS, I used Photo AI as a photoshop plugin). This way I could pick up fine details on the jeans and the curtain.


For some single-pass images, It works, but for your image, there’s a lot of noise and grain and also very compressed. The jpeg compression artifacts were enormous. So there’s no real miracle. To recover as much detail as possible, I had to make several passes with different denoise filter settings and models, and play with the masks to determine the areas with stronger and weaker denoising.
You need to be aware that AI software is not miraculous on the first run. Sometimes, on certain images, you need to make several passes and use masks :wink:.

But apart from that, what do you think of the final quality of your retouched photo?

Personally, between the original and now, there’s no photo, as they say :sweat_smile:. It’s much better now.


It would be nice if Topaz PAI picked the same directory as the source when saving multiple files along with a default option to create a new directory (eg. “Topaz”) under the source directory as DxO PR does. Also would be nice if it could preserve the crop/settings from the xmp as DxO PR does. It would be a huge time saver…

It is, definitely !
I’m just surprised by the fact the last version requires layers as the 1.3 wouldn’t :frowning:

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