Topaz Photo AI v2.0.1


This week we have an update that should fix the Nvidia crashes from 2.0. Those affected that do not want to downgrade their drivers should upgrade to this version. Besides that, we have a lot of other improvements and fixes, including speeding up importing thousands of files at once by several orders of magnitude in our tests. We’ve also enabled the ability to copy and paste images into the app which should work with copying images or copying local file paths from Finder or Explorer.

As always, a full change log is below.

Please give us any feedback or report issues with this release. We’ll be updating TPAI regularly to address those pieces of feedback and issue reports. If there’s a specific image you’d like us to see, you can send it us at this dropbox link.

Released September 14th, 2023
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Changes since 2.0.0:

  • Fixed crash on Nvidia cards due to driver issues
  • Fixed sliders not allowing you to backspace the last digit
  • Fixed close image shortcut always using the index of the last right clicked image
  • Fixed some cases of export stalling when no filters are active
  • Fixed Lightroom Classic plugin not working when file paths contained ` character
  • Fixed Autopilot panel closing too fast when switching images quickly
  • Fixed RAW Remove Noise Autopilot dot being affected by unrelated models
  • Potentially fixed automate plugin conflicting with Gigapixel’s automate plugin
  • Enabled pasting images and paths into the app from clipboard (Ctrl/Cmd + V)
  • Improved performance of importing large batches of images
  • Photoshop plugin now ensures the layer is visible before running
  • Automation plugin now reads and writes resolution data
  • Added lens correction status to the Autopilot panel
  • Added hover effect to combo boxes to better indicate state
  • Added Autopilot options introduced in 2.0.0 to the CLI
  • Stopped blocking RAW images with odd crop values
    • This may cause crashes on certain images.
    • If you run across those cases please send us the file so we can check.

Known Issues:
- The Adjust Lighting and Balance Color enhancements may produce poor results when exporting as DNG
- Machines with Intel integrated GPU (iGPU) will get bad/unexpected results (no lighting change, but get color cast) in Adjust Lighting filter


Thanks for a quick update!

My first question: How to get Photo AI 2 working as a plug-in for PS (Mac, Sonoma)?

I cleared out old plug-ins after updating PS to 2024. I also installed PAI 2 fresh today.

PS Automate menu is showing Topaz GP and other apps that are installed but not PAI 2.

ANSWER: You have to do it manually by showing package contents (Mac)…

Then it works using either Automate or Filters (source image AI-generated from blank canvas in PS 2024):

Installation is supposed to be automatic. I quit and relaunched both PS and PAI several times but it didn’t happen.

Hi Adam,

Thx for the fixes.

Win 11 Pro desktop PC. Ps 2023 (rel. 24.7) - not the latest Ps 2024, rel. 25.0… PAI Plugin. Processor = AMD RX6800 XT - most AP settings set to None.

I was able to launch GAI from File > Automate again using PAI Plugin (see rel. info above). I could upscale my test image 2x & it returned to Ps layer stack & it labelled that layer with a GAI Layer (or something like that) name.

Next I tried same process with today’s PAI rel. 2.0.1 - same process. It too scaled & labelled the Ps layer as a TPAI layer.

Not that I’m not trusting, but … I then tried GAI again (just in case one program was gonna be the alpha dog and whatever was used last would be what was usable). It worked the same as my initial run.

Thanks for restoring the use of GAI as a complement to PAI for scaling inside Ps (at least it worked for my Ps 2023)!

Now, one more tweak would be wonderful! If the PAI could automatically activate the upscaling (without us having to click the “x” in the pop-up msg box) to complete the upscale, like GAI does, that would be terrific (and, a more intuitive way for the feature to work).


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Installed Photo AI this morning from the web site MSI file, during installation the MSI install spent quite some time downloading 36 new files from the web site over and above the 732KB for the MSI file.
Perhaps there should be warning for that as not everyone has unlimited data.

Not sure what is happening with this release.
I am pretty sure I am up to date with all drivers etc - even so I may have missed something, but every previous version worked - although not as well as I would like.

From my point of view everything needs work, for example - still no simple OS file handling as I pointed out in a previous message.

Photo AI crashed during the first run.

A sample of the screen result for one of the first images tried.

Output results mirror the display, poor.

Disillusioned, so far previous releases are MUCH MUCH better.
Will Dropbox original images and results of processing from my tests with 2.0.1, the Crashpad directory and logs for today.

Half an hour later:-
Thought I should uninstall/reinstall version 2.0.1, now downloading 89 files most at 106MB some at 207MB thats a LOT of data, hope my download limit is not reached!
Will check back later.

If you are getting a crash please reopen Topaz Photo AI, go to the menu bar on the top and click the Help > Open Log Folder menu option.

Upload the log files to my Drobox so I can review the contents and figure out the cause. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.
Dropbox File Request

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AIDon wrote: “Yes the reinstall works fine, another user in another thread reported it.”

My point was that I was wondering if installing today’s version after instgalling PS 2024 would help the plug-in access situation.

In my experience, as described above, no plug-in was installed (Mac, Sonoma RC), and I had to do it manually.

If the Topaz Photo AI is not appearing in Photoshop, running the Topaz Photo AI installer again will add it. To make sure it works, I recommend the following:

  1. Closing Photoshop fully.
  2. Running the Topaz Photo AI installer again, get a new one from: Download
  3. Open Photoshop and check the menu again for the plugin.

It will not require you to manually install the plugin.

The plugin installation is automatic in the installer, not when Topaz Photo AI is run. The instructions in the docs are more for new users instead of users who already have Topaz Photo AI and are updating Photoshop version.

Any ideas for how better to message this as we’ll likely see more users write in on this topic?


OK thanks, I will try that on another system if needed. Otherwise, doing the workaround was perhaps easier than a total reinstall (which I assume would include the model downloads?) :wink:

It won’t require a reinstall! No need to remove Topaz Photo AI, the installer will just add anything that is missing which in this case would be the plugin for Photoshop 2024.

I guess the real solution would be for the initial install of a new version of PAI to just work the first time :wink:

PS: I suppose the timing of a new PS and new PAI pretty much at the same time is a rare event!

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I see, thanks! Though otherwise I am used to the whole model download each week.

Too late for getting the logs that way, as I said I have uninstalled and am reinstalling.
I have sent files to the Dropbox link that includes the 3 log files that are dated 15/09/23 from when I first tried the new version as well as the original images, screenshots, results etc.
Install has now completed, will keep you up to date with results.

Install finished, results not much better, still poor results.
Will process the same 2 images and send results to the Dropbox link.

2023-09-14-19-53-20.tzlog (2.0 MB)

2023-09-14-20-21-30.tzlog (331.5 KB)

Still an occasional crash, I think it’s still during face detection.

AP rarely chooses lens blur for any of my images, but every release has chosen it for this image. It also is the only model that I see much tiling on. It is easily fixed using the mask subject option or selecting a different model. It seems to me AI should be able to detect this issue and select a different model. (I have previously uploaded the image to drop box)



It would be SUPER handy to either have an option in Preferences to always apply the new Lighting and Color edits when running batch mode.

Or, include the Lighting and Color choices when applying a certain photo’s set of edits to the entire batch. As it is ,when you do this it does apply all of that particular photo’s edits but the Lighting and Color options do not apply.

Just installed update and tried to use automate via PS CS 5 . I got a crash notification. So cannot upsize using PS . Problem not fixed yet

I don’t know how for an AI software Topaz AI Photo doesn’t even come close on the first run.

Here is a pair of a drone images at 200% upscaled 2x using the default settings which initially was denoising and I added a standard 2x upscale…

So after much experimentation the best I think I have found so far is removing denoise altogether and in the Upscale select only 10 Minor Deblur and 50 Fix Compression to get this…

It’s still not perfect and I have some weird artifacts in parts of the roof but does anybody have a good formula to upscale a Mini 3 pro 12MP file? (not a RAW but TIF developed from RAW - I use Photolab 6).

It seems there is almost infinite variables to get it perfect and there in lies part of the problem. At least in Gigapixel and Denoise you could have sample screens of all the models at once which was a great feature.




Back home on my M2 Mini, I upgraded 2.0.0 in place and the plug-in is there for PS 2024 :wink:

Thanks again for the tip!