Question about autopilot values

Hi @tim.he - you can use this one, posted by another user in the 2.0.1 thread a few days ago.
It’s as good as any example:

PhotoAI 2.0.1
AutoPilot suggests supress noise 16, remove blur 19
which results in a lot of loss in detail (e.g. the red car on the poster) and produces horizontal lines (that look like leather on arms and face + on the curtain). The computer monitor in the mirror background also looks very strange.

PhotoAI 1.5.4
The latest 1.x version also detects similar values, supress noise 13, remove blur 16.
Resulting in an almost identical image (slightly better than 2.0.1 if you ask me):

PhotoAI 1.3.2
does the best job with detected values 73,37
which results in a lot of additional detail (e.g. red car, left eye from camera’s perspective) and almost no leather lines (arms and face). Also the computer monitor looks pretty good there. The curtain on the right side also looks very good without any horizontal lines. The paper ball in the shelve also looks much sharper there.

Here also a more detailed view (order: 2.0.1, 1.5.4, 1.3.2):

All default settings, except subject detection (that was completely off). No manual tweaking was done.

This happens to me with many images - mostly low light scenes and low res (images around the size of 1200x675). I wish I could somehow tell 2.x to detect it like 1.3.2 did, then I wouldn’t need to use 1.3.2 any more (my hope was, that the new autopilot preferences with the weighing values would do exactly that; but they don’t help there).