Topaz Photo AI v1.3.9

DNG files from a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone are super dark when loaded into Photo AI. Other editors and viewers do not have this problem, and the DNG files are the same brightness as the corresponding JPG file with them.

I have no errors, ran hundreds of files in TIF and old RAW format. But ARW lossless compressed RAW files from Sony’s latest A7R5 camera are all processed with artifacts, just like previous versions of the program. On all or on the right there is a vertical colored stripe, or in general everything is in squares.
From previous camera models, both compressed and uncompressed ARW files are processed without errors.

I should also note that when I get the “Error: Could not run model” it is on a Windows laptop that does not have a dedicated GPU - just the one Intel builds into the processor - so everything runs VERY sslloowwllyy.

from everything said here, it seems quite unstable, … will skip this version …

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  I just updated to 1.3.9, and I get the same problem.  Perhaps 50% to 75% of the time, processing an image fails, with the “Error: Could not run model” error.

  Going back to 1.3.8 for now.

  Looks like this version was rushed out too fast, without being properly tested and debugged, first.  Very sloppy work, here.

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  Go to Topaz Photo AI v1.3.8 and hit the “Download” link there.

Some of us had that issue with the initial release of 1.3.8. With the help of our log files they were quickly able to determine that it was a certain GPU family that was the culprit and put out a fix in a couple of days. You should send them your log files so they can do the same for whatever is behind your issue.

  I just now tried to install 1.3.8, and the installation just doesn’t work.

  Now going to try to go back to 1.3.7.

  This is seriously pissing me off.  I am in no mood to have so much of my time gratuitously wasted, because these idiots couldn’t be bothered to test a new version before they released it.

  For what I paid for this software, I expect much better than this. This is inexcusable!

  On a second try, after as complete uninstall and clean reinstall, I seem to have 1.3.8 installed and working.

  It looks like Topaz really should withdraw the defective 1.3.9 release for now. It’s clearly failing to work, for too many people, and causing too many of us to waste too much time.

Are you on Windows? It sounds like most of these issues are all related to Windows boxes… I don’t have these issues on Mac.

It gets difficult to determine, from the posts here, which platform many of you folks have issues with because I can’t tell which platform you’re on…

I haven’t explored the forum’s options but it would be great if the forum software had an option that a user could select a specific icon/symbol or something to denote which platform they’re on in their user profile so it’s visible in every post.

  Yes, Windows.

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You can do that in your User Profile under Hardware (set in Preferences). Then in the Forum people can see it if they click on your Avatar.

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Thanks @andymagee-52287

Still getting checkerboard patterns when “Enhance” is enabled. Does not happen when “Enhance” is disabled. It doesn’t matter if I’m enlarging the size of the photo or not. Simply enabling Enhance with 1x size produces the checkerboard.

I’m using Windows 11 and don’t have the issue with 1.3.9 Most of the problems are always with Nvidia GPUs. I only use AMD CPU and GPUs and have very little problems. I did need to uninstall another program update and re-install from scratch recently but that was the update’s fault. I see many issues with Macs.

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On Win10, I only get that error, *“Error: Could not run model”, when try to “save” while the program is still rendering the displayed imaged. If I let it finish rendering I don’t have that issue. Lightroom via “plug-in extras”

I have the same problem since upgrading to 1.3.9. I use Topaz as a plugin to Lightroom Classic. I have found a work around by closing Lightroom after processing each image, i.e. initially processed in topaz and then tweaked in Lightroom. By launching lightroom again there’s no problem and everything runs as it should. However if I try to process a second image without a lightroom restart I get the error “Could not run model”. Its a bit long winded but it works whilst waiting for the next upgrade which will hopefully fix the issue.

It’s really striking the detail recovered from images Generated with image generators.

It’s just amazing

To those who claim about DXO Photo Lab software I have raw files it and Pro Raw 3 will not touch .Yet Photoshop and Topaz products will read and process.Topaz will even process as a plugin in photo shop.Only Nik Collection will touch the file in photoshop…

Downloaded the update and it has stopped working. It opens but photos don’t show up if I drag them in and if I browse, nothing happens.