Topaz Photo AI v1.3.10 - v1.3.11


This week we have changed Face Recovery slightly so that it no longer also tries to enhance necks and clothing around the face. This should help in instances where collars or other clothing gets smoothed out.

We’ve also added two new preferences: One for sRGB preview fallback and one for checking low disk space. The sRGB preview fallback is disabled by default which is new behavior compared to 1.3.9. If you experience crashes when previewing you can try to enable that setting and see if it’s resolved. Keeping it disabled should help ensure your colors are accurate for your monitor. The second option for checking low disk space will check your free space available when processing. If it detects it is below certain thresholds it will give you a warning or error message. This does not stop the program in any way, but should let you know that stuff may start breaking if space gets too low. This currently does not apply to exporting due to limitations with free space checking on certain types of drives, but we hope to add this in the future.

There are also several other fixes as well. As always the full change log can be found below.

Please give us any feedback or report issues with this release. We’ll be updating TPAI regularly to address those pieces of feedback and issue reports. If there’s a specific image you’d like us to see, you can send it us at this dropbox link.

Released June 23rd, 2023
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Changes since 1.3.10:

  • Fixed caching issue causing bright areas on RAW files

Released June 22nd, 2023
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Changes since 1.3.9:

  • Face Recovery should now avoid modifying clothes
  • Fixed an issue that caused caching to work incorrectly
  • Changed preview to no longer use sRGB fallback
    • If you experience crashes, turn on sRGB Fallback under Preferences > General
  • Image reads can now be interrupted by trying to load another image
    • Known issue: If rapidly switching images you may still have to wait for it to catch up
  • Added warnings for low disk space when running models
    • If you experience performance issues, you can disable these checks under Preferences > General
  • Fixed a crash when canceling processing in certain cases
  • Fixed Lightroom Classic sometimes opening multiple Photo AI instances
    • If you still run into this let us know
  • Fixed a crash when initialization of models fails
  • Fixed “Could not run model” errors when engine cancels during processing
    • Note: This does not fix all cases

Known issues:

  • In 1.3.10, RAW files have a caching issue which will produce bright/dark areas.
    • This will be fixed in 1.3.11 shortly.
  • HDR or Monochrome DNGs which previously did not open may have issues when saving as a DNG
    • To get around this you can save as JPEG, PNG, or TIFF which shouldn’t have the same color issues

Sorry but I dont believe this is enough for an update and whole new version …

I cannot seem to upload .NEF or .DNG files here, so I’ve converted both to .JPG.

1.3.10 took more than two hours to process the original .NEF, from a Nikon D3200, which is much longer than it’s ever before taken. Just after it appeared to have finished saving, the program crashed.

The output file has an obvious rectangular artifact that is not supposed to be there.

2023-06-23-00-53-41.tzlog (10.2 KB)

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Maybe @adam.mains can step in here but I don’t think this is a major upgrade but a bug fix. Going on Eric;'s post here about paid upgrades where he says they will not be charging “bugfix dot releases”:


@adam.mains … Getting an odd message I haven’t seen before, does this have any bearing on the operation if the application is installed on D drive and there is a 16GB pagefile and 16MB swapfile on C drive (Windows). Its is a 118GB drive used for the system?

Hi @adam.mains … a couple of other things here with the app.

In this case the subject is not detected but the app detects 1 face. Also sharpening is not active or applied unless I select “Low … etc.” in the settings and you can see that it doesn’t do a vey good job of sharpening with the selected Standard model (artifacts appear in the eyes) but if I switch to strong it does a better selection …

Standard model sharpening (Autopilot):

Strong (with auto selection):

Do wish more options to save elsewhere rather than sending back to the application you use to send to TP, I use Faststone Image Viewer as a DAM but sending an image from there TP only gives an option to send back there, need an option to select what application you want to process the image in after TP has finished processing.

It’s mentioned in the release notes as newly added.


I’ve just downloaded the latest Photo AI v1.3.10 and it’s still has this problem of the image braking up with certain kinds of images. See enclosed pictures. I pointed this out to you six or seven mouths ago. As you can see it still seems to happening with straight lines. The photo AI is on the right and DXO is on the left. I love using Photo AI and it’s very good with most of my images but I cant see myself buying Photo AI until this problem is sorted out.


You did drop in a raw file, i think?

It’s only a test image but I can send you a RAW file. The RAW file is from a Nikon Z7II. It’s a big file so how do I send it to you if you need it.

Hi Bob - can you please send us the original image through Dropbox?

Hi Richard - if you can send us the original image through Dropbox, that’d be very much appreciated. Thank you!

The lens blur model is now working on my Mac mini M1 running Ventura 13.5.
Others are still reporting issues with masking birds against water. It is nigh impossible to refine the mask since there is still no edge awareness tool. Is this coming in a future release?

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Others are reporting this as well. I had already processed this image in an earlier version of TPAI without the artefact.
Mac mini m1 1GB, Ventura 13.5. Sent original ARW file from On1 PR 2023,5 and back again:

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It is not happening when sending as a TIFF or working with a PS layer within ON1PR2023.5. Or indeed when using TPA Iv1.3.10 as a standalone.
Perhaps LR users can confirm this behaviour?

Yes I know but there is 500GB free on the other disk. The C drive is for Windows, the D drive for all apps etc., etc.

The low space check is specifically checking the drive with the temp directory on it, typically your C:/ on Windows. It’s not necessarily stating you will run into errors, but things may go awry if it fails to store files in the temp directory.

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I will check tomorrow but I believe I have already moved it to the D drive.

Same here - 1.3.10 is unusable. I’m back to using Sharpen AI. The boxes don’t show up when using Edit In from Lightroom Classic, but the image quality is off - many artifacts.