1.3.10 creates blown out areas when sharpening is applied (RAW)

Using the current build (1.3.10) of Photo AI this morning on Olympus RAW files (.orf) I’m seeing massive exposure problems in masked areas whenever sharpening is used.
I’m running a Mac Studio (2022) and MacOS 13.4.1 (Ventura)

Windows 11 up to date
LRC 12.4 . Topaz AI 1.3.10

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Selected photo in LRC and selected “Process with Topaz Photo AI”

  1. Chose to “Edit a copy”
  2. Accepted settings and returned to LRC

I tested and it doesn’t bring back artifacts if I right click in LR and ‘edit in Topaz Photo AI’, but that brings back a TIF file not a DNG

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It looks as though you have an issue with masking birds against water. I have seen this too and find the ability to refine the mask hampered by the fact that there is no edge awareness tool. I have mentioned this on the main v1.3.10 discussion thread, where the devs are more likely to respond.

Hi all, this should be resolved in version 1.3.11 that was just released – please update your copy of Topaz Photo AI to this version.

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