Topaz Photo AI v1.1.5 - v1.1.6

It appears to me that v1.1.5 and v1.1.6 always sharpen the subject only, regardless of the setting of the “Subject Only” switch. It used to (also incorrectly) sharpen everything, regardless of the switch setting in an earlier version.

You should be able to just uninstall the alpha and I believe it should remove it. If for some reason that doesn’t work, you can always go to LrC’s Preferences > External Editing, and then delete it manually from the “Additional External Editor” section.

It shouldn’t matter, but just out of curiosity, do you have your Prefs set to auto-detect subjects?

This week’s v1.1.5 brings back (regression) the “access violation” error with PaintShopPro 2022 that was fixed in the previous release. PSP version x64.

v1.1.5 works fine with PSP 2023 for me.

Hi - thanks for updating and improving regularly. However I have found a strange bug in v 1.1.6: If I only use the Remove noise tool, whatever value I set in the strength slider, it has not effect. The detail slider seems to be responsive but not the strength slider. Normally, if I would set the strength to the lowest possible value, I would expect no or only subtle noise removal. I have downloaded earlier versions down to 1.1 and see the same effect. Is it possible that some components do not work properly and do not get removed when an update is applied?
Thanks for checking, Markus (Mac Studio, Monterey 12.6.2)

Hi, Thank you for your continuing development work - the difference is noticeable. Just a bit of feedback (PAI v1.1.5 and v1.1.6, macOS Ventura, MacBook Pro M1 Max 32GB, Canon R5/ R7 raw files).

The initial Autopilot masking is generally good (currently editing perched birds), but adjustments with the AI brush can be frustrating and I would like to be able to choose a manual brush where required (I know you know this and, I think, you’re working on it!). The initial Autopilot assessment for Noise reduction and Sharpening (Strength/ Clarity) continues to be over-enthusiastic (in my opinion) and inevitably requires intervention - see screen shots of Autopilot settings and my settings and Lightroom Classic screen capture comparing the results (notice the over-sharpness in the feathers and loss of detail around the eye with the Autopilot version - on the left). I have uploaded the raw file to your Dropbox link so you can have a play.

Keep up the good work - and happy new year! Phil

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Since v.1.1.6. the model downloads are done in full speed. :smiley: :+1:

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It does make an attempt at identifying the subject. Sometimes it does that really well, at other times it does a laughably poor job of it. Occasionally, it does not find a subject. The situation did not change in version 1.1.6 regarding the (non-)effect of the “Subject Only” switch in the Sharpen menu panel.

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Feature Detection is set to “Default” in the Preferences, BTW.

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If you change your Pref (even if temporarily to test…) to Do Not Detect Subject, does your entire image get sharpened? Vs just the subject.

OK, interesting. When I changed the pref to “None”, it sharpened the whole photo. I then selected a portion of the photo to be the subject, and the Subject Only switch worked as it should, whether on or off. I went in and changed the preference back to “Default”, and now it sharpens the parts of the photo that it should with “Subject Only” in either position! Maybe something didn’t get initialized as it should have, and switching the preferences cleared it up? Who knows, but I’m glad that it works now.

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1.1.6 still strips out the GPS data, even when doing the Plugin Extra processing as RAW. Please reach out to me if you need an example Canon RAW file. But the cropping is definitely fixed!

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I’ve had Photo AI a while but only just starting to use it properly, however I have a question. Is it worth keeping, Denoise, Sharpen & Gigapixel on my PC since Photo AI seems to do it all?

Really up to you & your taste re: the results (& real-estate space on your PC). Some ppl see differences b/wn the options. Go with your gut. PAI is clearly the future direction even if an evolving public beta (my impression) now.

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Yes. Photo AI currently isn’t fit for purpose, as other people have mentioned it’s still really in beta. I’m more than happy with the results of the separate applications.

Hi,I have been using Photo AI version 1.16 and find that normally (95% of the time) it processes fine but every now and then it can’t process the file which is annoying .Just for information It seems to happen when I process a very noisy NEF file.It chooses a “strong” noise reduction rather than “standard”. When I switch this manually to standard it processes fine.
Anyone else notice this?

When you say “very noisy” what are the settings used for the shot … i.e T, F, ISO and what were the lighting conditions … I would have thought the correct choice was “strong noise” if it is very noisy … please post a screenshot of the Standard and original side by side and the Strong and original side by side so the devs can see what your issue is.

it was shot at 1\ 5000th second at f8 with an ISO of 25600 so it was very noisy and certainly needed the “strong” Noise reduction but the point I was making was that Photo AI would not process it at " strong" butit would at “Standard”.

This not an isolated instance it happened with the previous versions also.