Topaz Photo AI v1.1.1

The latest version of Photo AI v1.1.1 seems to be broken with the message “Exception while opening image: Image is not supported”. The image in question is a Nikon NEF taken with a Nikon Z9. Previous version of Photo AI have worked fine.

TL;DR: Photo AI strips all metadata (including Color Space information) from the TIF upon saving which could be the reason for the muted colors, buth Lightroom is also not innocent as the Color Space information looks weird for both the panorama and a freshly created TIF from any dng.

More Details:

  1. I’ve checked the Color Space information with Exiftool for both the dng and the tif from my previous post - both were showing as “Uncalibrated” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: OK, looks like I need a different sample
  2. Since the dng was a panorama stiched together in Lightroom I’ve checked another dng with Exiftool - this was showing correctly as “Adobe RGB” (I have Adobe RGB set up in my camera body)
  3. I’ve created a tif from that dng in Lightroom (Ctrl+Alt+E) with the following settings: ProPhoto RGB Color Space with 16-bit depth and 240ppi resolution
  4. After the tif file was created, I’ve enlarged it in Lightroom to trigger the update of the preview - colours match the dng
  5. Opened the tif in Windows Photo Viewer - colours look exactly the same as in Lightroom
  6. Ran Exiftool for the tif - Color Space: “Uncalibrated” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
  7. Loaded the tif in Photo AI - colours immediately muted
  8. Saved the image in Photo AI - the preview in LR immediately updated to the muted colours
  9. Ran Exiftool on the tif saved by Photo AI - all EXIF info which was there before saving was gone (including the Color Space)
  10. Ran Exiftool on a TIF that was created in the previous version of Lightroom (12.0) and Photo AI (1.1.0) - Color Space is “Uncalibrated”, but there is an additional field called “Profile Description” which says “ProPhoto RGB”

See images attached.
1st image - Lightroom vs. Photo AI between steps 7 and 8
2nd image - Exiftool output for the original dng (green), the tif before (yellow) and after (orange) saving in Photo AI (steps 2, 6 and 9 respectively)

This version is unusable. As soon as I use an ADD brush to a mask the program disappears. Using JPG files and RAW files. This happens no matter what files I am using. Windows 10 64 gig RAM, Intel Core 9 i9 9900k Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070 Super ( selected as the processor)

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May need to drop back a version, as I’m encountering something completely different:

Canon R5 compressed RAW file. On processing from the RAW file, I’m seeing this on the interface. It seems to still process the end result correctly (see later attachment), but with this state it was difficult to refine the subject selection

trying to refine the subject it would seemlingly ‘lock’ on the calculations and take up to 30 seconds to come back to allow more refinement.

Once all the processing is complete, it ends up with a good output, but just the hassle and lack of being able to compare before/after leads me to just want to back out to the previous release and try on the next one.

I’m not sure that exiftool is useful in this instance. I have plenty of tif files that just state “Uncalibrated” in the meta data, but when opened in Photoshop have Adobe RGB or other profiles attached.

I’ve opened a ProPhoto RGB tif in PhotoAI, processed it and saved. The tif still has a ProPhoto profile when opened in Photoshop and the colours are unchanged throughout the process.

The tif I used was created in LR, but an earlier version. I’ll update to the latest version and try again sometime today.

I also noticed the sharpening of whole image instead of the “subject”, however the “subject only” switch is “on”.

The new update has removed my ability to control what the autopilot does when opened from photoshop. How can I stop the program from auto saving to photoshop. Thanks.

This is mentioned in the original post under “known issues”.

OK, thanks. I also have Photoshop, however couldn’t figure out how can I see the image’s Color Space within there, hence using Exiftool to check.

Also can you check and confirm if upon saving the tif in Photo AI, do you also lose all metadata, like myself and others highlighted above?

I hope you will update the upscale dialogue. I am using this function all the time, and I need to use Gigapixel AI instead of Photo AI. This because I can only use 2x, 4x or Max - or type in BOTH width and height in pixels.
I’m upscaling to a printshop, and then cm (or mm) is the meassuurement that is used. And in Gigapixel I can choose height or length in cm, and Gigapixel fix the rest.
As Photo AI function right now, this function is “useless”, since it takes “for ever” to get the job done.


With a tif exported from LR 12.1 I can’t replicate the colour problem. The file saved in PhotoAI retains its ProPhoto RGB colour profile and still seems to have all it’s metadata intact.

Updated to 1.1.1 today and I can no longer process CR2 files from Canon. The program crashes every time I try to save the file as a DNG. Using: Recover Faces, Remove Noise and Subject-only sharpening.

Windows 11.

well, oops - I didn’t see my issues with Canon CR3 files was already captured in the known issues log.

The most obvious issue for me is how Recover Faces makes everyone’s eyes brown, regardless of what color they really are. That’s bad for me, since most of the people in my family have blue eyes.

I’m not having that experience on my Win 11 Pro PC running Ps 2023 with PAI 1.1.1 as a plugin.

I launch the image from a Ps layer. Do whatever PAI processing I want to do. And, when ready, hit the Save to Ps button at lower right of the plugin’s UI.

See my snip of where that button is below. Nothing automatically saves back to a Ps layer… What system are you working on & can you explain the steps and what you’re doing when you say it’s saving automatically? It might help the devs.

** Can you pls provide a snip (screenshot) of your Autopilot config settings from the Preferences menu. Just out of curiosity… Also, what OS & processor are you using?

I just opened & processed a CR2 using the Standalone PAI 1.1.1 & saved out the processed result as a DNG. No issues. Win 11. See my snips below in the PAI UI & the saved DNG from PAI opened in Adobe Camera Raw (see filename at top that includes the suffixes from PAI). The only thing I didn’t do that you say you did was Subj Only Sharpening…

What processor are you using?

Why is this blue edge added, when the contour doesn’t need sharpening?

Eigil Skovgaard

Can I send you my files - a dng, a tif created in LR and one processed by Photo AI - somehow? I wonder if there is something wrong with my LR or PAI…

I have lost my patience with this trial and error project from Topaz. Topaz and I go many years back, but my loyalty is totally dependent of the result I get for my money. Until recently Topaz was leading.
In this example I used an ARW raw file direct from my Sony A7R3. I photograph nature, and an important detail when dealing with trees is how small branches are rendered most pleasing when lit from behind. So here’s a detail test:

Ex. 1. The first image shows such busy details - denoised in DxO Photolab 6 with DeepPRIME XD (left) - and in Topaz Photo AI (right) - in both cases default settings were used without any sharpening (Autopilot didn’t want to sharpen this image).

Ex. 2. The second image shows the denoised AND sharpened image - in DxO with Lens sharpening (left) - and in Photo AI (right) with the default sharpening suggested for the image.

In the first image the Topaz version already shows double contours after denoising, which looks awful, and after sharpening … well, the choice is easy made! (and DeNoise AI didn’t do any better).

I’ll have to buy DxO Photolab 6 to get optimal denoising and sharpening.
But of course I’ll follow the ongoing development with Photo AI, though I can’t wait for the Topaz AI body to keep up with better software already in the market.

Eigil Skovgaard

New version available: v1.1.2