Split this forum into Photos and Video

I suggest splitting this forum into 2 sections, one about photos and one for video. Not interested in video, so would like to have just the photo posts all together. It is confusing on some posts if they are talking about photo or video. Most forums have different sections.



This post is about the Forum.
So, I think it is better post in the Site Feedback category.

Have a look at the available sections which are called categories … tweak your settings on your profile by selecting the categories you want under Profile, Tracking.

So I selected PAI and comes up with a load of old posts. Then I select new and it brings up new posts but not just from PAI.

A lot of posts are under Topaz Products, which is not split into Photo or video.

You can’t allow for people who post in the wrong category.

But Topaz products covers everything?

Not everything for photos is under PAI. I want to see other posts on DeNoise, Gigapixel, and Sharpen.

If you are not interested in TVAI, you can go to forum Perference → Tracking → Categories → Muted

Click Save

OK thanks, think that has done it.

It was already posted above and you just kept complaining.

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I already told you go to Profile Tracking …

Muting VAI is better but still does not exclude all video posts, as some are under Topaz Products, as I already told you.