Sharpen AI v3.3

Mikey & David, You can roll back to the previous release version to see if that works better. You can find several generations of releases (for Win & Mac) at the top of this Product Releases discussion thread.

Released November 30th, 2021

Windows: Online | Full
Mac: Online | Full


  • Fixed various image quality issues on older hardware
  • Fixed auto model parameters not being set correctly
  • Fixed auto model remaining on when the preview panel opens in comparison view
  • Fixed comparison view frames not storing/loading model parameters
  • Fixed comparison view frames not using their own settings when generating the preview
  • Fixed auto model being ignored during batch processing when comparison view is active
  • Fixed expired license dialog appearing for users with a license that’s expired after 3.3.0 released
  • Fixed all models list sometimes incorrectly showing the top model as selected
  • Fixed crash when using edge aware to refine a mask
  • Fixed various display issues when downloading models from the manager
  • Fixed downloading models when generating a preview causing progress bar to go above 100%
  • Fixed error when needing to download models while processing images
  • Fixed a permission error on Windows about writing some preference files
  • Fixed external editors opening in standalone mode
  • Fixed view selector being enabled in masking mode

We’ll also be releasing a new update to every model soon which should solve several image quality issues, including the image shifting slightly, and causing halos.


:grin: finaly.


Do you have your software set to record logs or is it turned off (under the Help menu in Topaz products)? If it is turned on you should have logs recorded in the Program Data > Topaz Labs LLC > [software name] > Logs folder

Hi Anthony,

Happy post-Thanksgiving!

I just downloaded/installed the full Win installer for 3.3.3 (w/out uninstalling 3.3.1). When I launched it, this is what I saw. Trial mode. I thought the changelog said this was remedied… anyway, FYI in case there’s something else that can be tweaked to avoid this for fully subscribed active users…

Also, I did my usual thing & launched the standalone vers. before attempting to run the Ps plugin. No matter what I do, there is no way I can change the upper left quadrant (in Comparison View) to a different model that I want to show up there (I wanted to make it Motion Blur - Normal). It is impossible to change it. It stays fixed on what you can see in this snip. There seems to be a bug in general in the upper left quadrant in Comparison View (consistently across releases of product in case there’s some way to troubleshoot code there).

Also, when I tried to manually sharpen some of the views (in Comparison View) b/c I was underwhelmed with the sharpening, the yellow “switch” next to “Model Parameters” kept flipping to on/yellow while I was adjusting the sliders. Should it be doing that?. I don’t remember those on/off switches moving in the past unless I’d turn them on to run Auto functions.

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Great news!


3.3.2 does not check for updates on startup.

Also the manual search in the app brings no result, it thinks it is up to date.


If the plugin refuses the login, open the standalone first, then it should work.

v3.3.1 is the same.

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From Lightroom Classic I choose multiple files and then go ‘Edit In …’ and pick DeNoise from the links. I then batch process say, 5 files, numbered file1, file2, file3, file4, file5…everything is processed and I’m returned to Lightroom Classic.

When I then repeat this selecting Sharpen AI the batch process completes but does not return to Lightroom Classic, and removes the last file from my list of files, ie. file5.

Processing single files in Sharpen works okay

Anybody else seen this with the latest version of Sharpen AI

Just upgraded from 3.3.2 to 3.3.3.

I have an old system. After installing 3.3.2, my first Sharpen AI try, I noticed absolutely no difference in any picture I threw at it. After upgrading to 3.3.3, I see a huge difference.

Something must have changed to make older systems actually work.

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Any ETA on the updated models ? The models used/downloaded by v3.3.3 (dated 30 Sep or thereabouts) still all give unacceptable halos.

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It’s taking a little longer than planned, and will require another app patch, unfortunately. I assure you the extra time taken will be worth it once they’re out, though.


Anthony, I am looking forward to the new models you mentioned. Good luck with the development!


Hi Anthony, The v3.3.3 still crashes when I use edge aware

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Thanks! This’ll be properly fixed in the next update


Any word on when this will be out?


Hi Edu,

The latest version of the software has fixed this. Please make sure you download and install the latest version from:


when is this “next update” I’m hearing about. currently Sharpen is useless to me. Masking doesn’t work AT ALL. If I select Auto Subject and then try to adjust the mask it crashes. If I try to create a mask manually it looks ok while I drag the brush but when I release the overlayed section moves to a different part of the image and as soon as I click to add more the entire image is overlayed. I’m using ver 3.3.3