Sharpen AI v3.2

New poster here, I’m dealing with the frustrating “halo” issue in a lot of my pictures. I’ve tried to see what the most recent release isn’t that doesn’t present this issue, and I can’t find a clear answer. Does anyone know?

Use CPU instead of GPU.

Halo issue should be fixed in future release.

Unfortunately I’m already using CPU and still experiencing this.

Are you using the actual version of Sharpen?

Dan, Would you pls post one example of a before SAI image and the after SAI for the same image (and perhaps the settings you’re using for the after). Not saying you’re not experiencing it. Just curious to see the Before/After…

Also, is it tending to happen with a certain type of image (portraits, art, architecture, etc.)? Question behind the question on that is whether it’s a type of image that it would be good for the developers to do some AI model training with.

So it looks like I’m using 3.1.0, I’m going to upgrade and see if that makes a difference. Sorry, guess I didn’t realize that. Here is a sample using 3.1.0. The original is the first one, you can really see the halo effect in the second one around the hat.



Make sure that if you use as a standalone you open the RAW file through the File Open dialog rather than dragging from Finder/File Manager as that will open in plug-in mode.

If using from an application as an external editor make sure you send an output image from the RAW, such as TIF, JPG, PNG or DNG as RAW files won’t be overwritten in Plug-in mode but there won’t be a message generated.

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Upgrading to 3.2.2 seems to have done the trick, thanks for the help!

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My process is to edit RAW files in Lightroom, export them as JPG’s, then use De Noise AI if necessary (low light pictures), then Sharpen AI. Upgrading and using CPU seems to have solved my issue.

I hope that works better for you. I’m running SAI 3.2.2 on a Win 10 PC via CPU/medium (GPU crashes for me…).

When you mentioned halo’ing I pictured the hard-edged halos that sometimes appear along the edges of mountains in landscape shots. What I’m seeing in your After SAI pic above is a very soft, glowy halo. It’s quite distinctive. I wanted to see if the original had any kind of contrast that SAI was accentuating. But I’m not seeing anything that should produce that edge softening and drift.

I made a snip of your Orig. above (so obviously I’m working with not high quality starting image…). By doing that I didn’t see any real halo’ing appear in the After previews on my system (using rel. 3.2.2). It may be a result of me snipping from a low-res image, but what I do see is that the Motion Blur correction ends up looking like an illustration and produces a lot of yellow & greenish turquoise artifact color noise. Out of Focus looks the best to my eyes (I enlarged to 200% for viewing). But there’s also some greenish/turquoise color artifacting in your singer’s wht cowboy hat. Too Soft just looks like a pixelated version of the Motion Blur preview - to me.

See what you think. Here’s a snip from my screen. But best for you to work with your original image. Try the comparison views to pick your favorite AI model. Then increase to at least 200% to look at the details more closely (and see if you’re getting the color artifacting I am in my “secondhand, low res snip”).

Good luck.

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BTW, one other thing to test after you update to SAI 3.2.2 and try this image again…

Once you gen your SAI model previews and pick the one that you like best. If you’re still getting some soft halo wht drift around the cowboy hat… what happens if you go into Masking (within the SAI interface) and mask off the sharpening just outside the perimeter of the hat (so on the blue where the halo-ing was appearing)? The program should be able to delineate boundaries like that. But it could be that the almost blown/blown highlights are faking out the models somehow (I’m not a programmer, I don’t know…). That kind of thing would be okay to fix if you’re working with indiv images, but if you’re batching that would be a “bear” to do for each image.

Do you work with SAI standalone or as a plugin to a host program (Ps, Affinity, PSP, etc.)?

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I use SAI as a standalone…I’ll try comparing all the options available, I’ve just always used motion blur as a default, but maybe playing around with other options might give me better results.

Can’t hurt to compare then switch to a split, side x side or single view for the model that looks best for any given image in comparison view. Probably depends on your ultimate use and output method how precise you feel your images should be & how much time you want to invest per image. Glad the update fixed the halo’ing for you.

Ah ok, Thanks! Will check that file open option as well. I just used the Finder context menu to open. There is another one though…Cannot use the spacebar to pan the image if I want a selective mask. I have to use the navigator window on the top right which is a pain…Any thoughts on this one? Maybe I am missing something here as well…

No you are right as the space bar is used to toggle the original/preview on/off. You need to use the navigator, I believe the similarity between Adobe ends with the square brackets can be use for the Radius of the brush and, when combined with Shift, can control the Softness of the Brush.

@nitinchandra Don is correct wrt the Space Bar’s function in Topaz products. And wrt being able to use Shift + Brackets as a shortcut to control Softness.

In addition to being able to use the Bracket Keys to enlarge/reduce Brush Size (like Adobe enables), you can also use Adobe-like shortcuts such as CTRL + +/- key combos to Zoom in/out, and enter a Number to rep the % Opacity of the Brush tip.

I believe there are other hotkey shortcuts in DeNoise AI that aren’t reflected in SAI…

Thanks! Yes, I noticed that as well…The UI/UX is quite inconsistent across the Topaz apps…


There are significant issues in 3.3.2 model management. Downloading a “new model” and the percentage update going across the screen at 632%!, going in comparison view, it starts flashing as it attempts to downloads new models (all of which I already downloaded).

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I have the same problem - is it best just to roll-back to an earlier version? It’s pretty much unusable as it is…

It did the same for me.

I thought the loading bar was really funny.