Selecting a set of clips copies the current settings to all?

Just found that, with multiple source clips, it’s sufficient to the click the current clip and then another clip with Shift key pressed to select the range between them and copy the current settings to the selected set of clips in one rush, without further actions. That is powerful, if you are aware of it, but might be destructive if you are not. In any case, it is uncommon.

Is that deliberate design?

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Ha, that works also with the Ctrl-key, amazing!

Say you have 20 clip in your workspace and want to copy the settings of clip number 10 to 12 and 15, just click on 10 to reveal its settings, press and hold Ctrl and click 12 and 15. Copy and Paste on steroids.

If there would be an effective function to undo such changes, it would be even better, because the downside is, if you click the wrong clip by accident, the current settings of this clip are gone and, when using Shift+click on the wrong clip the settings of multiple clips are gone. That said, I like that function, please don’t remove it.

Also with CTRL+A (select all) works. but there is a bug in Interlace mode where you can’t use it.
you can only use it in progressive mode

Thank you for the heads up.

This software starts driving me nuts.

This refers to VAI 4.2.1.

The uncommon function I described in my first post as “copy and paste on steroids”, doesn’t work reliably anymore. With the 4.2.1 beta build I have here, it still works as before, meaning the troublesome modification has been made withing the last few days. Unfortunately, copy and paste of parameters from one clip to a set of selected other clips, invoked from the context menu, doesn’t work reliably either.