Resizing the viewers changes aspect ratio by cropping

This refers to 4.2.2, but it’s also present in earlier versions, as far as i can remember. First, I was thinking that it is related to this issue, but after a closer look I suspect it is something different.

When shrinking the preview by dragging the horizontal line between the viewers and the lower working area up, it starts cropping the frame at the top and the bottom at a certain point, i.e. the aspect ratio of the visible frame changes when resizing. In my view, that isn’t a show stopper, but it feels unnecessary and I guess it isn’t intended.

This video shows it in single viewer mode, but the issue is present in all viewer modes.

When shrinking the video viewer window down it does change depending on the scale and this can lead to the video going off the screen. The fit option tries to keep as much on screen as it can but there is a limit when going very small. If you set the view to 100% and change the window dimensions it pushes a lot of the video off screen from the top and bottom.

If what you say means that a scaling algorithm, which keeps the full frame and its aspect ratio without cropping, doesn’t exist, I disagree fundamentally. Any common media player will show that you are wrong. If what you say means that what we see is a deliberate design decision, despite I didn’t expect to hear that, sorry for wasting your time and mine.

Niko, I have sent this to the devs for their feedback as to why this is happening and whether it was a design choice or if something is off. I am not sure how they designed everything to interact when changing the scale of the video preview window. I will let you know when I know more.

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Thank you very much for forwarding this issue to the developers.

Personally, I cannot imagine that this deliberate design. Looking forward to hearing the final truth.