Fit still doesn't fit

This is 4.2.1. There’s a problem when zooming with the mouse-wheel on the viewers.

Restart TVAI and import the clip attached below (MP4, 720x480, DAR 4:3). Switch to comparison mode side by side and make sure that the zoom settings on the viewer are set to 'Fit. Now, zoom-in using the moues wheel and then zoom fully-out. The picture is cropped and stays cropped. I have a certain feeling that this doesn’t only apply to anamorphic material, but also to video with SAR 1.

That’s how the frame should look like (100%):

That’s how it looks (Fit, fully zoomed out):

Jockey-FC 4x3 (3.2 MB)

Are you seeing the crop in the export or preview in an external player or just in the Video AI viewer windows?

The cropped image is shown in the viewer. If it existed in the exported file, believe me, I would have mentioned it. In other words, the Fit mode of the viewer breaks one of the most common basic rules of GUI design: What You See Is What You Get.