Renders are lost when changing between previews

In the version i had before the currently active one, 5.1.1, I could load a video, then select an AI model, press render/preview, select a new one press render/preview untill all the previews I wanted were queued. Then they would finish in turn.
If i do this now it will cancel whatever preview it was trying to render and start the new one.
This behavior is super annoying and time consuming!
Now if I wait for a preview/render to finish, and move to the next one and wait for that to finish, I cant move back to the one that was done, it will be gone/lost.
Another thing, I am using side by side view, when a render is done it till not automatically s show up in the B view, I have to move the timeline slider to get an updated/rendered frame, this was not the behaviour before, and is super annoying and time consuming.

Windows 11 (fully updated), RTX 4090 (newest drivers) , I9 10900K, 32GB RAM.
Topaz Video AI 5.1.1.

logs attached.

no screenshot needed i would think. Let me know if you need something. (331.1 KB)

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I’m noticing this as well. It basically makes it impossible to quickly compare previews.

The team is working on a patch for this that they are hoping to release soon.

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I have exactly the same problem.worked great up until a few days ago.

I’m on Mac OS M2 Pro Sonoma 14.5

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Can you share your logs?

Do you have a timeframe for these problems? The program has been pretty useless for me for a week now :frowning:

Alternatly can you provide a link to the version that is before 5.1.0 (found that under downloads, but the problem exists here too, got a never one than that perhaps, my logs seems to indicate I was using 5.0.4 before 5.1.1, can I get 5.0.4)?


Simon, here is the link to the release page for v5.0.4. I do not have an updated from the team at this time as they are still testing and working on the issue.

Happy to - please help me by telling me where I can find these logs?


Nigel Cox

Nigel in the program open:
Help > Logging > Get Logs for Support
Simon (who started the topic, not an topaz employee)


Nigel Cox (4.3 KB)

Windows environment.
After a preview for example of 5s, after click on editing pane just to change some settings and do a comparison, the “old” preview is lost. The preview time on the timeline disappears and all is lost.

This is a known issue that the team is working on fixing. I have combined this post with the previous thread.

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