Topaz Video AI 5.0.4

Hello everyone,

We have a new patch release available for Video AI.


Changelog from 5.0.3

  • Fixed a bug where large file names take up all the space in export panel
  • Updated wording for Output Resolution area in Video Settings
  • Added project name to Windows title bar
  • Updated app icon for Windows (higher resolution)
  • Fixed empty time display mode in export panel
  • Added the 'hide filters' button to the Windows title bar
  • Fixed failing import of EXR/DPX conversions
  • Updated presets for old models (Proteus v3 -> v4, Chronos Fast -> Apollo)
  • Upgraded to FFmpeg 7 + OpenVINO 2024.1

Known Issues

  • EXR/DPX Exports may lose input frame number.
  • Inconsistent “Preview X frames” enable status.
  • Looping previews has a stutter.
  • Live preview can have frame de-sync.

Does this have an improvement on performance / speed?


Depends heavily on your hardware, in this case the OpenVINO changes will improve performance and reliability for Intel users. FFmpeg 7 includes some significant changes, here’s their full upstream changelog:;a=blob_plain;f=Changelog;hb=n7.0


Awesome thank you, will look into it.

Insta-fail using NYX v3. I now have failures more than successes.
Actually, after testing more, it failed on 5 out of 5 videos for either NYX or Aion. It is now completely unusable. (132.2 KB)

Looks like a GPU selection issue, this may have been caused by some backend changes to how the app detects graphics devices:

Invalid value 2 for device, device should be in the following list:

-2 : AUTO

-1 : CPU

0 : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070

1 : ALL GPUs

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That is the ticket! Changing my value to just point to the GPU seems to have fixed the issue, at least for previews so far. I just kicked off a Aion FI job, so we will see if it finishes.

the mp4 preview file can be viewed again during export? I think it worked again lately, at least in the final beta! :slight_smile:

I am definitely having a GPU selection issue. Each GPU selection sends processing to the wrong GPU. Already posted in Bugs and Issues.

It took a full year to add the pause task feature.
Please don’t let us wait another full year to implement the simple feature of being able to save all the loaded media as a task list, listing media and encoding parameters to be able to load and start encoding at a later time.

This functionality is currently available. Projects are automatically saved and reloaded when relaunching Video AI, and different project files can be created from the File menu.

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I stand corrected then.
My apologies, my licence expired some 3 months ago and I haven’t been able to try the latest versions and although I had read in the update notes, that if the program crashed or there was a power failure or whatever, it would remember where it left off, I thought this meant only for the video that was being processed at the time of the interruption.
Clear one thing for us please, what I call as “task/job list” is what you mean by “project file”?

Yes, project saving includes the export queue and allows processes to be resumed.


That is excellent! It was really missing from the program and even though its a simple and basic functionality, it helps so much!! Thank you!

Something I have noticed this might be nothing I am uscaling a 1080p video to 1440p

Chronos is like 50% to 60% faster than Chronos Fast this is kinda weird

We have a 50fps source file and want to change the framerate to 100. Doubling the framerate usually gives the best results, it does not seem possible with the latest Video AI version. It’s very important, since 90 or 120fps does not work for us. There is also no way to input the framerate manually. It is possible to use 2x slowmotion though, so i wonder why it’s not possible with the framerate setting.


The dialog box for FPS can be typed into for custom output framerates:

CleanShot 2024-05-16 at 11.53.44@2x

This App can not detect gtx 1060 3g graphic Card

Does Video AI 5 already support loading AviSynth (.avs) again?

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According to the minimum system requirements, you need at least 6GB of VRAM. Recommended is at least 8GB and personally I would recommend even more.