Please do not update to Big Sur Mac OS (Adjust AI & JPEG to RAW only)

It seems to be taking quite a while to get out compatibility updates for Big Sur. Is there a particular reason for this?

That said, whenever I start Studio 2 I get. a message that there is an update, but none is found. I’ve taken to just answering “No,” when asked if I want to update. Is this a “compatibility” issue?


Does Topaz Adjust work with Big Sur? Thanks.

If it is Adjust (Legacy) that is unknown and you will have to check yourself. If it is Adjust AI it has not been updated to work with Big Sur.

Whenever I tried to update a Topaz product (Big Sur). The online installer would crash my entire system. I opened a ticket but haven’t gotten a reply. My troubleshooting led me to Norton as a potential culprit. I uninstalled it, rebooted and the update process completes without a problem. Wondering if anyone else has seen anything like this or did I just have a corrupted Norton install (before I reinstall it)…

Just installed Big Sur macOS on my iMac. Tested standalones for Topaz Apps.

  1. JPEG to RAW AI will not start. I reported this as a bug to Topaz Support.

  2. Topaz Adjust AI will not start, and it will not run as a plugin in Affinity Photo. (I have not reported this yet but will).

  3. Topaz Studio 2 auto updater gives a false report of available update. To get it to run, you have to dismiss the update popup.

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For all having issues another user has identified conflicts with Intego Software in this thread:

I have been a fanboy of Topaz plugins for many years and have finally configured my workflow to include the new AI apps into my photography processing workflow. But I am a bit disappointed that Topaz Labs has not stayed on top of Apple’s move to Big Sur. I waited long enough to convert.

Having paid for the software, I’ll continue to bug support with bug reports. :smile:

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Unfortunately, life does not revolve around Topaz. I have many good apps that run perfectly well under Big Sur, if Topaz do not want you to install it then it is up to them but they run the risk of falling behind the rest. All the legacy products I’ve tested work OK, though, so it seems it’s just the AI stuff that is not compatible. My advice would be to go ahead and install then wait for Topaz to catch up with the rest of the world.

That’s a bit unfair as it is only Studio 2 and JPEG to RAW along with Mask AI causing issues. Many other companies are recommending not to update also. Some issues have been found with other software affecting installers if they are running.

Remember all this is a user to user forum … if you want to abuse Topaz Labs raise a support request at the main website.

I upgraded my Macbook Pro to the new Big Sur OS. After the update I reinstalled Adjust AI. It appears to run but nothing is visible on the screen. All I can do is force it to quit.

In Mac where do I find the log files?
Has anyone else seen this?

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Notice on the website John.

exactly same here.

This is really disappointing and makes me wonder if Topaz is having solvency problems. All my other similar apps were updated by the time Big Sur was released - there were certainly enough beta runs of it. I know I’ll be very hesitant to send Topaz and more $ until all the apps run under Big Sur or at least something better is posted than, “Don’t install Big Sur.” We are all moving on; what happened to you guys?!

Since this appears to be a community that is not at all looked at by Topaz Lab staffers, is there somewhere else we can ALL express our dissatisfaction?

Well I use Capture One Pro and that is not yet updated?

And, just FYI, the latest Big Sur beta (11.2) has been seeded to developers because of various issues just 2 days after the 11.1 release.

Which Topaz Labs application are you talking about that you assume is not updated?

Hi, I was trying to follow up the discussion but I don’t know if the issue of JPEG to RAW AI has been solved for MAC. I’m running big sur and still cannot launch JPEG to RAW and Adjust.


Both are still not solved.

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I suspect Topaz have given up on the products that haven’t been updated in more than a year. They seem to be concentrating on certain niche apps.

If I’d had know that Adjust AI wouldn’t open after upgrading to Big Sur, I would have waited to upgrade. An email would have been nice, as I don’t often think to just come to the webpage to check for announcements, and I assumed that just like all of my other software, Adjust AI would work after an OS upgrade.

And at this point, with Adjust AI being a major part of my workflow, it would be nice to find out what the issue is, or at least get an update on what the plan is/when a fix is expected.


…and as in the original post in this thread, “make sure you always wait a little when there are mayor [SIC] OS updates”…I waited until just a few days ago, when 11.1 was released.