Photo Roadmap Update (Jan 2023)

@eric2 @adam.mains et. al. (Anthony, Yazi, etc.)

Another desired Wishlist feature (my personal priority pref would be sooner than later - right after the Manual Masking Brush wishlist items ) would be to ensure that us Ps users (CC-subscrip, not Elements for me) can make full use of the upscaling component of the triad of products that comprise PAI.

I am aware (through the many years of beta testing) of the challenge Adobe presents of not supporting upsizing via filters in its Filter menu & that Automate seems to be the only option they allow to support image size changes.

But, if something can be developed to allow those of us working pretty much exclusively in the Ps PAI plugin to use all the essential features (ie, upsizing - I can handle cropping in Ps) of PAI that would be great.

I can’t speak for others, but I wouldn’t mind if the entire PAI plugin product was accessible via File > Automate vs via the Ps Filter menu. As long as the ‘hooks’ to it would be installed to any Adobe Common Files that would carry the product forward during future Ps annual updates.


To be fully useful to me for RAW images it needs to have a levelling tool in the crop. If I have to level in another app I may as well crop there and the crop in PAI is redundant. The other thing is a curves tool or a shadows slider. At the moment PAI blurs darker areas (amongst others) but if I lighten these in another app and send a tiff to PAI all is good. Without someway of lightening shadows before applying de noise, the RAW abilities of PAI are pretty much useless for a lot of my images.

This is minor, but I’d like a before/after indicator on the split screen Look at how Affinity Photo does it, just some small vertical text at the bottom of the bar. While you’re there, look at how they allow rotation as part of the crop window- just move the cursor off to the side and drag to rotate. Super easy and is the scheme I like best. Cropping without that ability isn’t very useful. Overall, having decent results from the program, though more adjustment options are needed, as I mentioned above.

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I would love the possibility to keep the meta data in the .tiff output file, i.e. camera details and original creation date i.e. time when the photo was taken. Loosing all this info in the output file makes it very hard to manage your photo library in an efficient way.
Thanks, Yngve

Sorry, you can disregard this request. I found out that activating “Use Unicode UTF-8” in Windows Regional settings solved this issue.

Dear folks,
image quality is also important on old photographs, so I would like to suggest automatic image colorization for b/w and grayscale images. In 2016 the usage of AI was suggested by using Self-Attention Generative Adversarial Network and Convolutional Neural Networks; in 2018 a tool named DeOldify was released which was good and open source. Since then, nothing new came out (unless you buy a mothly subscription of MyHeritage). I do believe that, if you decide to make an AI Colorizer, it would be way better. And I would buy it.

Also, the automatic removal of scratches would be nice. There may be programs out there for this, but they are not perfect and I am sure you can do better.


I think colorisation is not something that comes within PAI’s remit. But then I am not a fan. I always thinks the results look horrible. Why can’t B&W stay B&W? Some of the greatest photographers and film makers have used it to great artistic effect!
Apart from MyHeritage, I believe PS has both colorisation and restoration features.


I would like to see some sort of blur feature. When sharpening an image where focus has been missed, it’s often the case that other areas of the photo are in focus and therefore need to be toned down. Perhaps a slider that would also take sharpen in to negative mode?

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I don’t agree. Photos are photos, and if you don’t want the long way with PS, you can do it with Photo AI in seconds. And also think of all those photos scanned in - colorizing and color correction is an interesting addition for those who want to use it

Yes, agree.

I have suggested this several times during the past 3 quarters also.

What I’d suggested those times were:

1- Sharpen & Denoise sliders whose slider pulls’ zero (0) position are in the center of each PAI slider, so users can either increase or decrease sharpening or denoising, respectively.
2- Manual, user-controllable Masking facility (“Brush” tip with accurate edge awareness - when needed) to allow PAI users to selectively place desired sharpening/softening or denoising/adding noise in an image. My proposed initial wishlist features are spelled out in the 4th Q (Dec.) 2022 Roadmap Discussion thread.

3- Accurate, single digit, incremental value increases/decreases for each of those sliders. Not, orders of magnitude increases.


I’m doing a lot of old photo restorations of monochrome originals. I would like a checkbox added to indicate that I want a monochrome result. Right now I’m getting a monochrome image with light pink fleshtones and colored eyes which are out of place.


Hi - thanks for the recent update to v 1.1.9. It looks like something has changed the way the noise removal tool works now - the strength slider seems to have a slight effect.
For me, RAW handling may be interesting technically – but I prefer doing the necessary adjustments in Capture One first and use Photo AI on edited TIFFs. Therefore I still suffer from sharpening artifacts in border areas (mountains against sky etc.). I would really like to see an improvement there since it is quite tedious retouching this. Maybe you could introduce an additional border mask tool?