Photo AI duplicating/overwriting filenames in Lightroom CC

After editing in Topaz AI from Lightroom CC, when saving back to LR after processing in AI, images are duplicating and overwriting other filenames when creating TIF files.

E.g. when processing multiple files (filenames 001, 002, 003, etc) random files will create a TIF file with multiple filenames. For instance filename …003.jpg may create TWO TIF files named 003.tif AND a file named 002.tif. And thus it will have duplicated itself and overwritten the actual file that SHOULD be 002.tif created from the original 002.jpg file. I just processed 61 images and only 44 images were correct, the rest were duplicates of other files that were overwritten. So I had to go back and edit individual images in AI to avoid duplication. VERY time consuming. It seems like the bugs get worse with every update!

Topaz Photo AI [v1.14.1] on Mac

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