Photo AI 2 plugin shortcuts in Photoshop

There are now 2 Photo AI plugins in Photoshop, one in the File>Automate menu, the other in the Filter menu. If one wants to assign 2 different keyboard shortcuts for these plugins, that doesn’t work. If Photoshop is restarted, the shortcut for Filter>Topaz Labs>Photo AI is gone and now assigned to File>Automate>Photo AI. I think this is because the two plugins have the same name. Photoshop searches in the menus for the first occurrence of the string “Photo AI”, assigns the shortcut and then aborts.

Topaz Photo AI v.2.0.3 on iMac 13.5.2, Photoshop 25.0.0

The two plugins have slightly different functionality and it’s a conflict on the PS end that makes us not able to just have one. I’ve asked one of our developers about what you can do about the custom shortcuts.

Thank you.

I think it would be enough to give the 2 plugins slightly different names.


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If the Filter > Topaz Labs > Topaz Photo AI plugin disappeared you can try adding it back by running the installer for Topaz Photo AI again.

Then reopen Photoshop and check the menu.

The Problem is not that the plug-in disappears but Photoshop does not assign different keyboard shortcuts to the 2 plug-ins. I think this because the plugins have the same name and Photoshop stops when it finds the first occurrence of the plug-in (in the File>Automate menu). Can’t you try to assign slightly different names to the 2 plug-ins?

I see, thank you for the explanation. I asked my team about this.

In theory the File > Automate plugin could be used every time. Is there a reason you’d prefer the Filter plugin over this one?

Yes, you ask the right question. Is there anything I cannot do with File>Automate plugin? If not why are there 2 plugins?

File > Automate is the best plugin to use as it can upscale. It was released in v2.0.0.

The Filter plugin cannot upscale and has less functionality as a result. It came first and was easier to build.

In this case, I don’t think any change is needed.

My issue is that PS removes the Filter shortcut, uses it at the Automate location and doesn’t work. Neither the shortcut or direct selection of the Photos AI from the Automate selection. It works when I transfer the key combination back to FIlter, but that only last a short period of time before the shortcut disappears.

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