While I dont really see the point of PHOTO Ai, would rather see improvements to the other apps; sharpen, de-noise, etc, On some images its better [only some]. Problem I noted - When creating a quick key, photoshop deletes the quick-key.

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Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

What kind of Photoshop shortcut are you making? Are you adding Topaz Photo AI to the keyboard shortcuts or are you doing something else?

I just added the plugin as a shortcut and it’s still working after multiple attempts including closing and opening Photoshop.

thanks for the reply. I set keystrokes to launch these apps from photoshop - exmpl: ‘sharpen’ via F12, ‘denoise’ via F11, etc… I set ‘photo-Ai’ to F8, and while it works after setting it up, the following day photoshop dumps the F8 key shortcut everytime. No other app drops its shortcut.

I have the same issue. I use a Mac and Command-Control-P. I was thinking I should try a different combination but your experience with F8 suggests that wouldn’t help. Curiously, my keyboard shortcuts for the other Topaz apps don’t get dropped! This bug happens to me on two different laptops with two different MacOSs. Always happens after an update and at random times otherwise, even while PS is running…A minor hassle as I now know the shortcut to reset the Photo AI shortcut (Shift-Option-Command-K (!). Wish they would take this seriously as I haven’t gotten anywhere with Support.

I found another Topaz thread at: Photo AI 2 plugin shortcuts in Photoshop

“There are now 2 Photo AI plugins in Photoshop, one in the File>Automate menu, the other in the Filter menu. If one wants to assign 2 different keyboard shortcuts for these plugins, that doesn’t work. If Photoshop is restarted, the shortcut for Filter>Topaz Labs>Photo AI is gone and now assigned to File>Automate>Photo AI. I think this is because the two plugins have the same name. Photoshop searches in the menus for the first occurrence of the string “Photo AI”, assigns the shortcut and then aborts.”

I’ll have to pay attention to this. I just updated Photo AI and although the Filter shortcut was lost, the Automate obtained the shortcut I was using at Filter and it still work. Weird. Need to monitor for a longer time.

After one eveining: PS removes the Filter shortcut, uses it at the Automate location and that doesn’t work - neither the shortcut nor direct selection of the Photos AI from the Automate selection. It works when I transfer the key combination back to Filter, but that only lasts a short period of time before the shortcut disappears again…

…I didnt know… Of course photoshops quick key will not function if there is 2 inputs in different menu areas. I looked in the automate area, and there was F8… even though I did not put it there. HOWEVER, I deleted it in the ‘automate’ section and placed it again in the ‘filters’ area.
If I start photoshop in the morning, the quickkey still does not work.
Photoshop deletes the F8 in filters and places it in ‘file/automate’.
No other adon does this. IDK if photo-Ai or photoshop is to blame

UPDATE #3 - so after further study I discovered why photoshop deletes the shortcut. photoshop lists photoAi in 2 places - in FILE/automate and ‘Filter’. The listing in the FILE/automate does not function under any condition. The link works in Filters. If you add a key-shortcut in ‘Filters’, it will work, but as soon as you close PS, PS will delete the filters key-shortcut and automatically implants the shortcut to FILE/automate.
Ill guess this is a photoAi glitch. If you could stop photoAi from putting the link-listing in the AUTOMATE area of PS it may function properly, but once it is there im not sure how to take it out other than reinstalling PS. Thats if TOPAZ fixes it 1st. This problem occurs with several other topaz legacy apps, but those just delete the key-shortcut. Obviously these work differently than the SHARPEN, GIGAPIXEL, DENOISE apps. This issue does not occur with those

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