LR noise reduction vs Topaz Photo AI

Images on left are processed in Lightroom with the new DeNoise option. Images on Right PAI using default options.

Been away from testing PAI for awhile. It is nice to see that much of what has been suggested here has been implemented. Still, it is disappointing to see that issues that have been present since pre 1.0 are still present. PAI still has issues with specular highlights such as backlit hair and still has a terrible issue with fine repeating patterns, obvious in the logo and other areas of sequins on the uniform. Noise control is good and the face recovery appears to have significantly improved, but the issues that appear in patterns still needs addressing.


Notice the odd patterns created in the grass and the significant loss of detail in the rib pattern on the socks. The pattern issue in the grass becomes more apparent when PAI struggles with DOF changes in the grass.

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Competition is getting tough, PAI has to step up their game .

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Adobe Denoise AI tests performed excellent and improves on DXO.
Attached publication as a reflection.

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What does this have to do with Video AI ?

Have no idea and also have no idea why his statement about ACR and DXO was made as the article doesn’t allude to that, so in the meantime I will place it here.

Anything written by Eric is well worth reading.

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Personally, when I have DNG files, I prefer to use Lightroom’s new denoiser to PAI’s. It is much more efficient. Even at 100% on the slider. It removes the noise without altering any detail of the image. Usually for DNGs coming out of my Galaxy S7, I set a value of 80%.

Adobe step by step has advanced a lot and surpassed to date according to my DXO tests.
I sensed that the more than 30 years dedicated to photography with PS created a well-balanced team between image professionals and new computer scientists and developers.
Topaz lacks that balance at the moment, so necessary in the new developments underway.
Having references helps on a basic topic like Denoise, the first step required for any SD-HD-4K video or image improvement,
I tried DaVinci Resolve 18.5 Beta 1 Released free today and it slowly pairs up with Topaz.
The Topaz development team has a slight advantage, although we hope to maintain it and, if possible, increase it.

Thanks for sharing your processes.

Testing and comparing with the competition of other companies is an obligatory path for any image professional.
Balance between image professionals and IT professionals
must be present.
I wonder how versions can be launched without checking in the control monitor … They are ideas expressed as a reaction to a red pencil comment that separates topics and perhaps prevents the forum from contributing … or turn off the station … .
Solve Denoise at the same level as the competition, an obligatory step to build new ML pipelines


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I am not sure your comparison between DXO and ACR has anything to do with Topaz Video AI, that is why I moved it to this thread.