Topaz Photo AI v1.3.1

And what happened to the motion sharpen after the last update?

Go to Preferences > General > Legacy, turn on, and save. This will add back Lens + Motion Blur.

Thank you!

It seems that when I open an image from another application the only choice given for saving is back to that application. A choice of where to save the final image would be nice. And still waiting for finer subject brushes instead of the blocky clumps TPAI thinks I want to adjust.

Are you using PAI as a plugin and launching from within a software host? If so, which host?

If you are starting in another host app, can you save outputs from other plugins to that app directly to outside of the app?

I’m just curious as another user … but the info may be of use to the devs too.

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Using as a plug-in updates the image sent.

There is a manual selection brush available rather than the AI brush.

Once again, after an update, I can’t open a single picture ( hanging on) on a up to date iMac 5K Intel i9 with 64Go or ram… All of my other softwares work just fine. That’s really annoying ! I’m using Ventura 13,2,1. I click browse, select an image and then nothing… though if I quit, the software is asking if I want to save the changes made to the picture, the interface does not even appear ( with buttons etc)… Super frustrating. I can use Gigapixel or Sharpen AI but not Photo AI. Please help and solve the issue that clearly is not linked to my computer !

First try deleting the Photo AI plist file then if that doesn’t work:

Download the full installer from the first post on this thread, quit all hosts you are using to call Photo AI then install after deleting what is installed at the moment.

After bringing it back to Lightroom, update the white balance to “As Shot” and see if that helps for you. I’ve reported this a couple of times.

Unfortunately, the blue version on the right is “As Shot.” When I switch to “Auto,” it is slightly better, but not much. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

I’m using PAI as a standalone so same problem. And just discovered the manual selection brush staring me in the face - d’oh!

I’m using PAI as a standalone. If I launch (right click “open with”) from File Explorer it allows me to choose where to save as well as use suffix additions to the filename. I use FastStone Image Viewer for my file management, and sending an image to PAI from that only allows me to save and overwrite back to FastStone without any options.

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When you open TPAI via another app, we treat it as an “external editor”. Basically it’s assumed the actual photo management (including copying, moving, renaming, etc.) is being handled by the host application, and TPAI’s job is just to edit the image sent to it. For your use case specifically, the intended flow would be you copy the image in fasttone, move it to wherever you want, and then send it to TPAI.

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I can’t open Topazai 1.3.1 as a plugin in Capture One 22.
It tries to start and then it doesn’t open.

What computer system are you using? Do you know where to find the Logs that might help the devs figure out the issue?

It sounds like you were able to open prior PAI releases in that version of CaptureOne. Yes? Or, is this your 1st time working with the program?

I’ve been working with Windows 11 with Capture One for many years and I have been working for a long time and had no problems until a few days ago.
Do you mean the log files?
2023-04-24-21-20-10.tzlog (12.3 KB)
2023-04-24-21-22-7.tzlog (86.7 KB)

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That’s good to know - if those are the Logs generated by the attempt to launch PAI hopefully it will help the devs. If it’s a one-off issue then the Topaz Support team at the main website (under “Support”) should be able to help. For now, hopefully, the devs can assess if a general 1.3.1 issue for CaptureOne…

@yazi.saradest @anthony.lawn

With AI v1.3.1 Autopilot failed to recognize motion blur in an image and I was unable to make it do so - apparently no way to change the sharpening process.
I had to use Sharpen AI to satisfactorily process the image !
Is that normal ? Would you fix the situation to allow the user to change the mode ?

Autopilot will never recognize legacy models ( motion blur, lens blur ). please check preferences .