Install issues with Topaz Products

Look at the history of my posts and/or support tickets.
With regard to these, there is 0% probability I will ever pay for anything from Topaz.
There are issues with your products to even install properly…


How about you explain the issue you are having and we can see if we can help.

Oh, that’s simple.
In some most basic install/upgrade scenarios (start installation as a Standard user, elevate on prompt, then try to use the program from Standard user account; upgrade with similar scenario) there are issues - from icons not placed in start menu, to some files not installed in a place where Standard user can use them, to issues with program operations I don’t know reasons for except that they are related.

I have Studio, DeNoise AI, Adjust AI and Sharpen AI and afair there are issues with all of them.

These issues go back already 4 months or so (I mean just support tickets history).

What happens if you right-click and select “Run as administrator”? As I don’t see this issue but I run ALL installers for all products, not just Topaz, with Administrator privileges.

I believe that Windows 10 has a requirement that Administrators install programs … here are some comments from a thread on Technet:

Is there a way to allow standard users to install and update
> programs without having to switch to the Admin account.

No, because it´s depending on the software, WHERE you need write

There is also a product called Access Director that allows a non-admin user, to get elevated rights as a local admin for 2 minutes, within these 2 minutes the user would be able to install software or other tasks that require administrative privileges.

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All of these does not produce working installation. Moreover, Topaz confirmed issues and is not fixing them for like half a year already. Wasted money on my side.

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