Camera Card & GigaPixel open errors

I use products at a basic level. Every time I try to upload from my camera file I get Jpeg raw as a default. How do I stop this? I use Mac Catalina 10.15

I’m sorry cannot understand what you are asking and what product your asking about that has issues for you with install.

I installed Topaz products on my previous computer about a year ago. I’ve updated to Catalina 10.15.5. Every time I try to download images from my camera card the jpeg to Gigapixel comes up as a default and worn let me download.
Any help much appreciated

I am not sure I understand what you mean, if you are trying to open a JPEG from a camera card in GigaPixel … don’t as apps like this don’t work off external storage cards. Download to your disk first before opening in GigaPixel.

If it is an association issue, the GigaPixel install doesn’t set itself up as default to open any type of image. You can change that in your OS.

And as this has nothing to do with install I have moved it to a new thread.