Ongoing product value and paid upgrades

I am on a somewhat disadvantage here. I have just downloaded the 30 day free trial but have had repeated disturbing effects as the program was installing.

  1. My anti virus program kept popping up with numerous warnings. Why is this? and am I safe in having allowed the program to ignore the warnings.
  2. I have to log in each time I open Topaz Studio 2. Can I work in Topaz off line? If not this is disturbing.
  3. While a 30 day free trial is a nice gesture it really does not allow me to evaluate the software’s capability. Perhaps it would if I was working on it full time however I do have a daytime job.

I would appreciate your response

Just go to the Support Link, this is a chat.

I do agree with your assessment. If you wanted to see this in action, you should check out the Affinity Photo forum. As of today, they are using a release version of There is a Beta version, also in that neighborhood. This is a developing software package that users can test and submit bug reports, etc for the developers to fix,and update and put into the occasional free releases. It is said, that starting with version, Serif will impose an upgrade charge including some major improvements. Considering what they charge for a fantastic Photoshop replacement ($50 usually, but often less when on sale), it is a no brainer. I think that this is a business model that Topaz might consider. Topaz has always treated their customers very well in the past and had a unique model. Aside from the quality software, look at the educational program.


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seems fair to me. I appreciate not going to the subscription model.

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Eric - As with many of the others here - I purchased your product expecting upgrades as a matter of course. You state that this business model isn’t working and is “100% our fault”.

In my world, when something is 100% my fault - I pay for it and pay and pay and…

Changing the rules in the middle of the game seems to be the norm.

The responses here and on DPreview are a symphony of rationalization. You, sir, should be grateful for the efforts of those wronged by your policy reversal to justify their disappointment

Not sure that I really need products from a company that violates trust so easily.


You do realise this only affects 4 products " Starting in August 2020, we will charge for product upgrades to DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI, Gigapixel AI, and Mask AI."

And “Stopped advertising free upgrades as a policy” in 2019

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Where GIGAPIXEL AI has clearly been advertised with lifetime free updates and upgrades …


“You do realise this only affects 4 products”
Yes, I can count.

When Leica or Canon introduce new firmware for one of my cameras, I don’t have to repurchase the camera.

It’s an affront -The policy change occurred about the same time Gigapixel AI and Sharpen AI became somewhat integrated with my workflow.


Not relevant as firmware is permanent software programmed into a read-only memory on a hardware device, software such as Topaz Labs products are used for processing images on a computer, as RAW converters etc.

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I never expected to be able to afford the power and versatility of Topaz AI apps, and never thought an ordinary computer could run them: let’s help keep them in business!

Upgrades are not a blind purchase. Topaz has a 30 day app trial evaluation to decide, and $50 for an ‘upgrade’ is reasonable.

I do think Topaz would benefit by clarifying updates vs upgrades, offering a 30 days after purchase refund, and an extension of the refund deadline until unresolved issues are cleared.

Also, it would be good to clarify buying the annual ‘pass’ - if a user buys one upgrade then another rather than all at once.

May Everyone Stay Safe and Well!

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The top image was shot with a Samsung 8 / washed out email at 278KB /600KB filed.

The lower image isn’t perfect but it sure shows why I love Gigapixel AI.


This is what make Gigapixel fabulous program, beautiful image


I am with you


agree with you Frank

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My last message made 2 points: One my opinion about Eric’s business policies - the other about AiGigapixel and AiSharpen becoming part of my workflow.

Rather than impugn my opinion -which by the way will not change - why not ask me how and why ‘Gigapixel AI and Sharpen AI became integrated with my workflow’?

It might inspire me to think what life was like before my Topaz Labs products.

Your choice speaks volumes.

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Thank you Luis - the entire episode just didn’t go down well with me and a lot of others.

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I’ll bite… as someone who really likes Gigapixel AI, why do you find both it and Sharpen AI are now integrated with your workflow?

So far, while I’ve used Sharpen, I’ve not found it as much use as Gigapixel.

I was about to add another of your products to my collection.
That will now not happen. I will be advising people to pass, and those I have been encouraging to re-think.

Maybe you need to re-think. Paying a small charge for a major release upgrade is probably acceptable, even though that is not what was promised. However, wanting money for a release that fixes one (or more) of your bugs??? No.


Firmware is software that drives the HW, but technically it’s still code. And it’s not permanent or otherwise it couldn’t be updated. Where the code is loaded from doesn’t seem all that relevant to the point, imo.

A good point was made by @brian.riley about upgrades being tied to a time-period or alternatively, for example, to SW versions.

eg Affinity Photo

I’ve never paid for any updates (minor versions) since I purchased originally. When there is a new major version update I would expect to pay (eg like I have done with ACDSee). The time-period approach seems quasi-subscription. You can decline, but this is like having a perpetual license with no maint (eventually it’s no longer workable). And this doesn’t contribute to steady revenue for the ISV either if the spigot is turned off until updates are published that are more than just bug fixes (ie maint releases). Some ISV’s have upgrade policies that deter this for that reason.

So I’m not clear if the proposed time-based approach will be the ideal solution for Topaz or their customers.