Help with enhancing Video8 to 4K

Hello, I’m new to Video AI with no experience in video editing.
I want to upscale 2 Video8 tapes (1993) to 4k. Each tape is about 1hr 45min.

I transferred the tapes to DVD files about 10 years ago. I still have the original tapes.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

This post. It has been the most helpful thing I have ever read about how to use TVAI.

if your movies on dvd are stored as a real movie dvd you must first extract the movie. you can use the MakeMKV tool for this. :slight_smile:

Since you still have the original tapes I advice to use them and do a transfer to your Pc using a lossless compression codec. The files you already have on the DVD are already highly compressed with a 10 years old compression codec, probably H264

yes but nethertheless the h.264 provides a high quality digital copy without further quality losses over time. I would not expect this from a tape!


Please check out my updated comment at

TVAI is evolving. Some of the changes make some of the settings less critical or even unnecessary…

Thank you! I’m not on the Beta, but maybe those changes will come out today. Good to know either way!

Even H264 from 10 years ago? I don’t think so… H264 evolved a lot in 10 years… but maybe I’m wrong.
Anyway, if the OP wants he can compare which is the best and decide from there what to do

your perfect solution: (it has presets for 8mm as well.)

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Thanks, I downloaded the presets. How do I load them to the Video AI? I’m using a MacBook Pro

i am not sure on MAC, but i Windows it’s a simple copy paste thing.
i believe it is a similar procedure for MAC.
here is the windows steps, maybe you can then translate those steps to how and where those files are stored in MAC.